News - 20th March 2019

Barkrunner Interview – Miss Kitty and Gracie


This week Kensington parkrun in Maryland celebrates its first birthday! Over the past year a warm community has formed around these Saturday morning meetups.


Grown-ups love the company and the pretty Rock Creek Trail. Kids love the playground. And barkrunners love, well, everything. We sent our barkrunner correspondent Foxy to chat with a couple of Kensington’s four-legged parkrunners. They had a lot of fun.




Hello all my fantastic friends out there!  Foxy here, and I’ve got a double scoop of barkrunner interviews for you! This time, I took a road trip around the Washington DC Beltway to chat with sisters Miss Kitty and Gracie from Kensington parkrun in Maryland!


Ladies, give me the skinny on yourselves. In particular, how did a puppy come to be called a kitty?


Miss Kitty: I am a dog named Kitty, but Miss Kitty suits me better because I am a fancy chihuahua dog. When I was a baby my mom showed my picture to a friend, and she said I was no dog – I looked like a kitten! After that I was kitty, even though I hate cats!


My sister is Gracie the golden retriever. Gracie came home a month after me. My mom is a chihuahua mom, but she decided to get a big dog too when her very special first chihuahua passed away. She thought two puppies was the perfect way to keep her mind off being so sad.




That is so sweet. Yes, we pups must have magical healing powers — I hear my mommy say she “Needs to Hug a Puppy” when she is feeling the stress, and I always help her calm down. But, let’s switch gears and talk about another stress reliever – barkrunning! What do you like best about barkrun?


Miss Kitty: I like that I get to sit in my mom’s coat or my carrier! When Gracie goes, Gracie does all the walking with mom. My gig is way better than Gracie’s. I walk my mom, mom walks Gracie. Going to parkrun is good for all three of us!




I think I know who is the boss among the three of you, and I’ll I can say is, You Go Girl! So, what is your fave volunteer role?


Miss Kitty: We love to tail walk. My mom especially loves that she has to be last in a world when you usually want to be first! We are the pack in the back.


A rhyming puppy! I love rhymes! Tailwalkers are the fun pack smack in the back, so don’t give them flack when a smile they make you crack! 


Oh, i could go on, but let’s get back to you two. What do you enjoy besides barkrun?


Miss Kitty: I enjoy protecting the family from creatures on our tv.

Gracie: I just learned how to paddleboard!




Paddleboarding? Wow, that sounds scary but super duper awesome! At least you can doggy paddle if you fall in the water! Okay, ladies, lightning round time:


Fave toy:

Miss Kitty: a sock (left foot);

Gracie: I would say, but I can’t identify any of the remains …


You two are a hoot! Okay, any party tricks?  

Miss Kitty: Effortless adorableness;

Gracie: Standing up like a bear, making food disappear


Songs that set your paws a-rocking?  

Miss Kitty: Bring in the Katz;

Gracie: Who Let the Dogs Out?




Who is your hero?  

Miss Kitty: Beverly Hills Chihuahua (Chloe);

Gracie: Legally Blonde Chihuahua (Bruiser)


Chi-wa-wa! I love both of those movies! Okay, 9 to 5 job you’d shine at?

Miss Kitty: Supermodel or vermin exterminator

Gracie: Lifeguard or oceanographer


Love it! School extracurriculars you’d enjoy?

Miss Kitty: Debate team 100%

Gracie: Swim team, water polo, diving, math team, and ultimate frisbee


Fabulous! Is there anything else you’d like to share before we say adios?

parkrun is for every dog and every human! It has got something for everyone!


That it does!  Well, ladies, thank you so much. I love your spunk, and it has been a real pleasure chatting with you!



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