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Our parkrun week in pictures, April 6th 2019


There’s a first time for everything, and this time of year is a great time for firsts at parkrun. In this week’s roundup of pictures and stories from the week we celebrate many different kind of firsts.
If you missed out on parkrun this week, there’s always next week, and the week after that, and …




These ladies from the “Goal Diggers” were among the first timers who discovered the beautiful trails and boardwalk at Roosevelt Island parkrun, hidden in plain view in central Washington DC.


First birthday celebrations for Aspen parkrun. After a year of parkrunning at 8000′ of altitude, with snow cover for much of the year, that cake frosting seems so very appropriate.
Last weekend Alan was involved in Leakin Park parkrun’s safety training with the Baltimore Fire Department. This week he was back with his wife to complete their first parkrun. Fantastic!
They welcomed first timers of all ages and sizes this week at Leakin Park parkrun.
Sam regularly zooms around the College Park parkrun course, then stays around to cheer everybody else. This week he brought along his mom and grandma to enjoy the trail with him.
Larry shared that when he first started coming to Charleston WV parkrun he would run lamppost to lamppost, alternating with walking. This week he ran a full mile before walking. Wonderful!
At Himmel parkrun in Tucson, AZ, first-timers Heidi and Connie looked at other parkrun times and said, “We can do that!” And so they did!
It wasn’t the first time this year that the folks at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor got to enjoy their beautiful boardwalk, but after many weeks of ice and rain it almost felt like it. They celebrated with their largest crowd yet for a regular Saturday parkrun.
At Roosevelt Island parkrun the big spring crowd were super excited to welcome parkrun Japan to the parkrun family.
Why is the launch of a parkrun on the other side of the world so special to this community?
… because here’s Iwao Ogihara giving the pre-run briefing at the start of 二子玉川parkrun – Futakotamagawa in Tokyo. Notice the Roosevelt Island parkrun shirt that he’s wearing. Iwao discovered parkrun while studying abroad in Washington DC. Hen he left he said that he hoped to help bring parkrun to Japan. And he did!
Here’s the video from parkrun Japan:
They also welcomed Futakotamagawa parkrun at Renton parkrun. There’s a large Japanese community in the Seattle area, so good prospects for some US-Japan parkrun tourism now.
These “new kids” enjoyed their first time at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun.
Mike was surprised at the special recognition at Rec Plex North parkrun, where he was the 1000th finisher. Pensacola’s RPN parkrun reached this milestone in record time for a US parkrun. And they celebrated with cake.
Nothing new to see Greg as first finisher at Crissy Field parkrun, where he has done all of his 48 parkruns.
Many have reached the 50 parkrun milestone in fewer weeks, but none have done so in fewer minutes. Greg’s total time parkrunning so far: 800 minutes. (We leave the math as an exercise to the reader.)
“Southeast Michigan’s recreation system highlights our unique natural landscapes and provides opportunities to be active and enjoy the great outdoors all year long.”
Kathleen, a regular at Livonia parkrun and an important figure in Detroit area local governments, brought along a film crew this week. Perfect setting for showcasing this important message.
The barkrunners were enjoying the sun and the attention at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.
Ringing the bell to cheer on your parkrun friends at Livonia parkrun.
Enjoying the trail with your parkrun friends at Clermont parkrun, where they welcomed their largest ever Spring crowd.
Audrey, at Durham, NC parkrun: “Thanks for the encouragement y’all! I also spent a lot of time talking about diggers, street sweepers, and snow plow scoops while I ran. This course is perfect for my truck crazy boys!”
There was a downed tree blocking the regular course at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun. So they simply turned around and headed in the opposite direction along the C&O Canal towpath.
They are loving the arrival of Spring at Kensington parkrun.
Adam made the journey from Cincinnati, OH to Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun to complete his 50th parkrun. He does most of his parkrunning at Aldenham parkrun in the London area, but he has also visited parkruns in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, in addition to a handful of different US parkruns. He probably got that shirt when visiting Renton parkrun.
These ladies at Mansfield OH parkrun were celebrating their last parkrun before headed to the Boston Marathon next weekend.
… but we expect to see one or two parkrunners sneaking in an extra pre-marathon parkrun next Saturday at Jamaica Pond parkrun.
At Rec Plex North parkrun they welcomed visitors Elaine from Ireland and David, from Clermont parkrun.
Clermont and RPN parkrun are kind of ‘local’, as they’re both in Florida. A mere 6 hour drive and one time zone apart.
This parkrun tourist at South Boulder Creek parkrun seemed to know his way around already.
Chris is currently based in London, but will soon be moving to Boulder for graduate school. How convenient that there’s already a parkrun in town! In fact, Chris was one of the founders of the event, when he was studying abroad last year. Good planning!
This may be another first, at Renton parkrun. All three barkrunners were looking at the camera at the same time.
These volunteers enjoyed the Spring weather at Anacostia parkrun.
See you next week.
From a beautiful dawn at Clermont parkrun.

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