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Our parkrun week in pictures, April 13th 2019


Another fantastic weekend is in the books at parkrun USA. More people took part than ever before. We took care of the beautiful settings where we run, walk, and volunteer every week. We celebrated achievements, birthdays, and friendships. And we got ready for some new events that are due to start very soon.




Joyce found a parkwheeler buddy at Clermont parkrun.

Whether you, run, walk, roll, or volunteer, it’s great to find kindred spirits at your local parkrun.




With 318 finishers Jamaica Pond parkrun saw the biggest attendance of any US parkrun yet.

With so many using the event as a shake-out ahead of Monday’s Boston Marathon, there was a very festive spirit.




Records were being set in Washington DC, too, where they saw their largest ever crowd at Roosevelt Island parkrun.




The big crowd at Roosevelt Island parkrun had nothing to do with big races, and everything to do with looking after this gem of an island in the middle of the Potomac. The parkrun community teamed up with the Potomac Conservancy, The National Parks Service, and the Friends of Theodore Roosevelt Island to do a run/walk around the island, and to clean up trash around the island.




Up the street at College Park parkrun they were also cleaning up trash along their trail, planting trees — 97 of them — and clearing out invasive plant species. Everybody got in on the action.




The joy of turning 4 years old and getting your own barcode at Himmel parkrun in Tucson, AZ.




At Kensington parkrun they celebrated Holly joining the 25-time volunteer club. Thanks Holly!




At Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun Hari rang the PB bell to celebrate his “parkrun freedom” birthday. Now aged 11, his parents don’t need to struggle to keep up with him on a Saturday morning.




A different milestone at Durham, NC parkrun, where Jackson was their 8,000th finisher. Did he know this when he chose to wear his 8k shirt?




Uh oh, laundry dilemma.


At Fletcher’s Cove parkrun Stefania became the first US junior parkrunner to join the 100 club. With proud parents Jolanta and Andres already 100 clubbers, it’s going to be challenging to keep track of which black shirt is which.




Ruth decided that after doing 249 parkruns in the British Isles she should celebrate her 250th at the iconic Crissy Field parkrun in San Francisco.




“Today I ran a 5k after losing over 100 lbs. I have looked forward to this day for the past 18 months. I am proud (and sore) to say that I finished with a time of 17:38. Not bad for an old man, huh.”


Um, no Bruce. That’s not bad at all. Welcome to Anacostia parkrun, and we hope you’ll join us again. Same time every week, same price, same supportive community.




First-timers sheltering from the Seattle rain at Renton parkrun.




Running with a stroller gives you a bit of an extra workout, especially as the weather warms up.


But — cupholders!!




With much less snow on the ground, we almost didn’t recognize Aspen parkrun. But the coffee and donuts by the finish line were a dead giveaway.




You may be enjoying Spring across much of the country, but at Eagan parkrun in Minnesota they’re hoping to say goodbye to the white stuff before their second birthday celebration later this month.




A little damp fur won’t interfere with your enjoyment at Des Moines Creek parkrun.




At Roosevelt Island parkrun you can go around the puddle, or through the puddle.




It wasn’t only a British invasion that led to the big crowd at Jamaica Pond parkrun. There was a strong group of Saffers, too.




And there were plenty of visitors from other US parkruns at Jamaica Pond parkrun. We counted visitors from College Park parkrun, Crissy Field parkrun, Durham, NC parkrun, Leakin Park parkrun, Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor, Livonia parkrun, Mansfield OH parkrun, and Roosevelt Island parkrun.




Was the huge crowd at Jamaica Pond parkrun a stress for the big volunteer crew? No, they were well prepared and they had a blast.




And it doesn’t hurt to have friends from across the country to help out. We spotted Karen Crane, co-event director at Mansfield OH parkrun, helping out with the record number of finish tokens at Jamaica Pond parkrun.




This crowd at Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun was happy to welcome dry Spring weather.




It’s getting drier and milder too at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor, where they can again enjoy the pretty pond.




Zola stepped in to perform important marshaling duties at Leakin Park parkrun. As a regular barkrunner, she knows most of the parkrunners by scent.




We don’t normally highlight start line photos — too many guys — but here’s Jenni leaving everyone behind as she heads off for a PB at Mansfield OH parkrun.




The overnight dusting of snow made it pretty, but not slippery at South Boulder Creek parkrun.




We’re all looking forward to next week’s launch of Sippo Lake parkrun. Here’s Steve, at Livonia parkrun in Michigan, asking who’s up for a 4am start to make the trip to Canton, OH.


If you’re surprised that he had a number of takers, then you haven’t met the Livonia parkrun community.




And there’s more. Down in St Petersburg they were doing a test event for the upcoming Weedon Island Preserve parkrun, which starts in May. We can’t wait to share pictures of the amazing setting for Florida’s 4th parkrun event.




See you next week.


From Roosevelt Island parkrun

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