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Our parkrun Week in Pictures, April 20th 2019


Well, we think that we can finally say that winter is in the rearview mirror and warmer weather is on its way to parkrun USA! This weekend, we welcomed a new parkrun to our family, set another new attendance record, spotted a few bunnies, and just generally enjoyed being outside with our families and parkrun friends.




Sippo Lake parkrun in Canton, OH became the 30th parkrun USA event this weekend. Their inaugural had great turnout – 64 parkrunners and the best group of high vis heroes that this parkrun has ever seen!




Allison just pipped Keya to the line at their first Sippo Lake parkrun, but it was an epic sprint finish battle nonetheless. We hope that we’ll see you back again next weekend!


sippolake_20190420_bea marathon kickoff_web


Not only did Lea complete her first parkrun at Sippo Lake parkrun on Saturday, but she kicked off her training for her planned 2022 marathon. Lea, we can’t wait to cheer for you on your journey to 26.2!




And we are relieved to announce that Sippo Lake parkrun is officially barkrunner-approved. We mean…it has a paw stamp of approval.




While many of our parkruns celebrated with bunny action this weekend, Sippo Lake parkrun celebrated their inaugural event with a different kind of hopper! FeLeap the Frog is the mascot for Stark Parks, who are huge supporters of our newest parkrun.




At Roosevelt Island parkrun, the volunteers were pretty excited to welcome Sippo Lake to the parkrun family. Theodore Roosevelt wanted to send his best wishes, too.




Speaking of bunnies…we spotted these two at Mansfield OH parkrun.




And there were more bunnies at College Park parkrun, where even the tailwalker was sporting ears and a tail.




More bunnies. This one found at Renton parkrun.




We didn’t see a bunny at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor, but there was some evidence to suggest that he’d been in the area. We’re hoping to see even more Easter egg hunt parkruns next year.




Anacostia parkrun welcomed a fantastic group who came to walk the event as part of the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer initiative. They also celebrated Country Manager Darrell Stanaford’s 100th parkrun – all in all, it was a great weekend to parkrun along the Mighty Anacostia River.




A great big high five and congratulations to Catherine, who joined the V25 club by completing her 25th volunteer occasion at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun. Catherine became the first person to achieve a milestone solely by running and/or volunteering at D&RC parkrun.




At Eagan parkrun they celebrated Earth Day by staying after parkrun to help clean up Thomas Lake Park. Thank you to everyone who helped and well done on being such great stewards of our public lands.




Michael completed his 356th parkrun at Des Moines Creek parkrun and received a Des Moines pin from our Mayor Matt Pina. The Mayor happened to stop by and cheer the runners and walkers along with council members Matt Mahoney and Vic Pennington. Michael is a regular at Westerfolds parkrun in Melbourne, Australia.




Aspen parkrun held an Easter egg hunt as part of their parkrun this weekend. This tiny volunteer was very excited to take part.




Four first timers from the Choice program, an amazing organization working with children in Baltimore, came to Leakin Park parkrun this weekend. These ladies showed that be it one lap or two, walk or jog, parkrun is always a good time with friends.




Just in time for Earth Day, Durham parkrun celebrated the completion of a distance equating to one circumnavigation of the Earth (40,075 kilometers) by parkrunners at their event. And, yes, there was cake.




With their 25th event coming next parkrunday, Himmel parkrun already has lots to celebrate: new friends, great volunteers, and always a fun time for all.




South Boulder Creek parkrun celebrated the fact that they could FINALLY run without snow this weekend. There’s no better way to do that than with a celebratory coffee with your parkrun friends, of course.




The sunshine brought out 59 parkrunners to tackle the Fletcher’s Cove parkrun course, including visitors from London, Ireland, and Houston.




Moments after setting a new PB and age group course record, Ronne was handing out fist bumps to his fellow finishers at the Leakin Park parkrun finish line.




Before April showers bring May flowers, they bring lots of fun mud puddles to splash in as parkrunner Patrick showcased fantastically at Livonia parkrun.




Even the barkrunners got their paws in on the muddle-splashing action at Livonia parkrun. Congrats to Newman (four legs) and Geno (two legs) on their second ever barkrun.




There was rain at Joe Creason parkrun, too, but it didn’t slow them down. These parkrunners came prepared!




Cold and rainy weather couldn’t keep away the smiles at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun! Thanks to Kerline and Em for being awesome tailwalkers this week!




Debra, in the snazzy orange volunteer vest, debuted as Run Director at Kensington parkrun this weekend. Thanks for stepping up Debra and trying out the role for the first time and thank you to the rest of your team, as well.




We know Jessica is a old pro at parkrun, because of her 10 shirt, but did you know that Crissy Field parkrun was her 33rd DIFFERENT parkrun? She’s run in four countries, along with her parents: the UK, the US, Denmark, and South Africa. What a traveler!




Everyone needs a buddy at parkrun, especially the tail walker. And, it looks like this duo is taking sensible sun precautions at Himmel parkrun with their great hats. That’s something everyone should think about, as we move towards summer.




Somewhere else it was sunny? Why, at Rec Plex North parkrun, where the high-vis vests were shimmering in the sunshine.




Visiting from Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, Jolanta, Andres and Stefania finished Charleston WV parkrun with John. The Charleston volunteers learned about “parkrun weather fairies” from Andres, who said they are known to bring sunshine to events in the UK on otherwise rainy days. parkrun fairies were certainly at work this weekend, providing a mixture of drizzle and sunshine to Charleston parkrunners.




It looks like everyone was ready to go at Des Moines Creek parkrun this weekend, even the run director!




Looks like another parkrun pramrunner might be in College Park parkrun’s future. Great job running for two, Dominique.




At Jamaica Pond parkrun, parkrunners showcased perfect “flying round the corner” technique!




See you next week, from Terry Hershey parkrun!



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