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Our parkrun week in pictures, May 4th 2019


We love celebrating your achievements at parkrun, and this week there were some amazing achievements to celebrate. Whether it involves going faster or further than you’ve gone before, or showing up, for the first time or the 100th time, or visiting new communities, or creating new communities, or dragging your human out of bed to take you for a walk or run, we enjoy seeing it all!




At College Park parkrun the force was strong with this young Rey, who ran three times further than ever before. Needless to say, mom was very proud.




Readers of our weekly parkrun USA Newsletter may remember that in March we told the story of how octogenarian Gary Wright set out before dawn to travel by ferry, buses and foot to make it to Renton parkrun.


We are happy to report that Gary has been back every week since. This week was his 7th consecutive week. Inspiring Gary!




Here’s an even more impressive parkrun commute. Björn Suneson (37 parkruns, home event Haga parkrun in Stockholm, Sweden) ran to Mansfield OH parkrun from Los Angeles. 


Yes, you read that correctly, he ran from LA. He set out 77 days ago and Mansfield was the first parkrun he reached on his coast-to-coast journey.


Björn then went and laid down the highest age-graded time of the day at Mansfield. We guess that shows that high mileage does help your 5k time.




U of Arizona student Sarah joined the community at Himmel parkrun for the first time, and she smiled her way around the whole course.




Anuka’s fifth parkrun at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun was made so much more special by the fact that it was Jasmin’s first.




This week at Joe Creason parkrun the Wendling clan reached their combined 100th parkrun. These three have done 72 of them, and mom ran a PB on her 28th.




“Aussie, Aussie, Aussie (but local) … Aussie, Aussie.” 


There was practically an Australian invasion this week at Kensington parkrun.




Omokerede works overnight before coming to Leakin Park parkrun Saturday mornings. He often runs a little before to keep his energy going. This week: “I just didn’t have it. I was drained and wasn’t sure I was going to be able to run the whole way. Thank goodness for Hans. He came up beside me and kept pace with me. He kept giving me words of encouragement, and I knew I could stay with him the whole way.”




See y’all in a few. Crissy Field parkrun




He did! And by nearly 4 minutes. Nice job, David! Deep Run parkrun




Some new parkrunners enjoyed the newly laid trail at Jamaica Pond parkrun in Boston, where there’s much new to look forward to in the coming weeks …




The first-timers’ briefing at Jamaica Pond parkrun is the stuff of legend. Well, good news, because soon *everybody* can be a JP first-timer again!


The pond is about to undergo an extreme makeover, so from early June the event will take up temporary residence at the nearby Harvard University Arnold Arboretum, which is just as beautiful as Jamaica Pond. Watch here and local comms for updates.




Now in its third week, Sippo Lake parkrun in Canton, OH is drawing in a strong crowd of locals, including many walkers. Median finish time this week: 41 minutes. We love it!




This is the view from the post-parkrun coffee spot at Sippo Lake parkrun, overlooking the eponymous lake. 


Price of the parkrun: $0
Price of the coffee: $1


Sign us up!




This week we were celebrating our wonderful barkrunners at parkrun USA. Cooper had a great time with the humans and fellow barkrunners at Moberly parkrun.




Allison and Patches were part of the great volunteer team this week at Roosevelt Island parkrun.




Size doesn’t matter.


At Des Moines Creek parkrun the beautiful weather brought out 46 parkrunners and 15 barkrunners.




May the Fourth Be With You.


First-timers at Livonia parkrun were given very clear instructions.




Not sure whether to celebrate Barkrunner Day or Star Wars Day at parkrun. This pup at Terry Hershey parkrun in Houston chose both.


Oh, and if you’re wondering whether we have our priorities straight at parkrun, the amazing Sabra Harvey went and set a parkrun USA age-grade record, and possibly a world record for 70+. Sorry, no pictures of that. But we do have some great pictures of dogs and Star Wars outfits.




Happy volunteers at Durham, NC parkrun, where they held their 299th event. Look out for a big crowd next week for event #300.




At Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor the evidence of spring is becoming more than circumstantial, if not yet beyond a reasonable doubt. Shorts are appearing, and short sleeves can’t be too far behind.




At South Boulder Creek parkrun Spring has arrived rather quickly. They welcomed a near record crowd this week.




Spring can also bring other challenges. That flag post is around the spot where Heritage Harbor Ottawa parkrun would normally start. We never like to cancel, but the great thing about parkrun is that the next one is never more than a week away.




Less than two weeks now before the official launch of  Weedon Island Preserve parkrun in St Petersburg, FL, where the team is putting their beautiful course through its paces.




From small acorns …


Knoxville, TN is one of the communities where the seeds are being planted for a future parkrun community. They’re meeting most weeks at Victor Ashe park, and they’re meeting new people all the time. Follow them on Facebook at Let’s bring a parkrun to Knoxville, and join them if you’re in the area this summer.


And if you’d like to help bring a parkrun to your community, drop us a line at, and we’ll be happy to discuss how to build a team and a plan.




See you next week. From 1st-birthday celebrating Charleston WV parkrun.

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