News - 15th May 2019

Our parkrun week in pictures, May 11th 2019


It was a perfect Mothers’ Day weekend across parkrun USA. Kids made their moms proud, moms made their kids proud, and over 1,800 people enjoyed running, walking, or volunteering on a beautiful Spring morning.


5 new US parkrun events are starting in the next month. If you’re a regular reader of these weekly roundups, it’s little surprise that more and more communities want in on the fun.




At Des Moines Creek parkrun Selena did her mom proud. She and her dad Stacy regularly run together, but with a broken arm, Selena chose to be tailwalker instead this week. This called for some creative wearing of the yellow volunteer vest.




While most US parkruns started in the past 18 months, at  Durham, NC parkrun they were celebrating their 300th event, with a record crowd. 


As one of the first people to bring parkrun to the US, Event Director Julie Messina (purple, front) is a proud ‘mom’ of this community.




At College Park parkrun they welcomed three new members of the parkrun 50 club this week. Many other College Park regulars turned out in their white, red, or purple milestone shirts in their honor.




“Go forth and run even splits!”


At Jamaica Pond parkrun Event Director Queen Laura instructed her humble subjects on their pacer day duties.




At Sippo Lake parkrun Event Director Sam had a pretty amazing morning. Her mom Dea quit smoking a few months ago and is now an ever-present walker at parkrun. Her brother Randall and sister-in-law Staci set PBs. And husband Chris completed the parkrun for the first time. 


Oh, and they had their first sunny parkrunday, and a record turnout.


All in all, a good start to the weekend.




At Himmel parkrun in Tucson, AZ Emily did her mom proud. Alicia took the stroller along just in case, but it was not needed, as Emily completed the 5k for the first time ever.




At Leakin Park parkrun the Catonsville chapter of Moms Run This Town held a take-over day to mark Mothers Day. They provided most of the volunteers, many of the participants, and a wonderful vibe.




At Renton parkrun it was unclear whether Amelia or her mom Sonja was more excited that Amelia was wearing the white cap to celebrate reaching her 10-parkrun milestone.




In Pensacola, FL Julie-Ann and mom Maeve enjoyed a post-parkrun coffee after volunteering together at Rec Plex North parkrun.




These moms were keeping an eye out for their little ones at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.




Barkrunner Jack is a true regular at Charleston WV parkrun. So he was super happy that mom Beth’s injury had recovered enough that he could join his parkrun friends again.




Spring has even reached the high rockies! Not a snowflake in sight this week at Aspen parkrun.




Spring has also reached the Midwest. Beautiful morning at Mansfield OH parkrun.




Spring also brings rain, as Natalia and everybody else at Livonia parkrun was reminded this week.




There was a record crowd this week at Kensington parkrun in Maryland. Was something special happening? No, it was simply a lovely Spring morning, and word is spreading about this free, friendly event on the Rock Creek Trail.




Kristin (in purple) enjoyed a rather special parkrun morning. Kristin started Mountain Goat Trail parkrun one year ago, in tiny Sewanee, TN. This week she visited another parkrun event for the first time ever. 


Durham, NC parkrun inspired Kristin to start an event in her own community. So it was fitting that Kristin was tailwalker this week for their 300th event. Better yet, she was joined by her college roommate Stephanie, who was doing her first ever parkrun.




Regular followers of our weekly roundups know of the chalking prowess of Mountain Goat Trail parkrun. So Durham, NC parkrun welcomed MGT Event Director Kristin with some chalk art of their own. Perfect!




While co-Event Director Kristin was visiting North Carolina, partner-in-crime Brad welcomed his own parents from North Carolina to Mountain Goat Trail parkrun, where all had a grand time at the post-parkrun meetup at Mountain Goat Market.




At Fletcher’s Cove parkrun Susan was redefining parkrun fashion with her volunteer vest.




There’s also the off-the-shoulder style, as modeled by volunteer Liam at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor.




Anacostia parkrun is a great way to start off the weekend in Southeast DC.




There are no prizes for getting their first, but Treesa and Jim enjoyed their sprint finish at Des Moines Creek parkrun, as did the assembled fans.




Out-and-back courses make for countless high five opportunities. Crissy Field parkrun




Hop on the party bus! Pacer Sarah Jo had quite the entourage at Jamaica Pond parkrun. And it was her birthday!




Lovely morning to enjoy the backup woodland course at Clermont parkrun.




Good morning to enjoy a parkrun with your mom at South Boulder Creek parkrun.




A near record crowd enjoyed a perfect Spring morning at Roosevelt Island parkrun.




International parkrun tourists Thomas and Rebecca crossed the border to enjoy Renton parkrun. They are regulars at Richmond Olympic parkrun in Vancouver. With events in spectacular settings on both the US and Canadian side of the border, the Pacific Northwest is a pretty good place to be a parkrunner.




Weedon Island Preserve parkrun in St Petersburg, FL has its official launch next week. The crew had their final practice this week, and they are SO READY to welcome you to their piece of paradise.




McAllister parkrun had been hoping to launch this weekend, but the Wabash River had other plans, inundating part of their course. But they went ahead with an extensive prep session, and they will be ready to welcome members of the Lafayette, IN community next week.




The official launch of Perrigo parkrun in Redmond, WA is a month away, and they had a fun practice event this weekend.




See you next week, from Sippo Lake parkrun.


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