News - 22nd May 2019

Our parkrun week in pictures, May 18th 2019


On our busiest weekend of parkrunning yet, with almost 2,000 finishers and volunteers, we had so much to celebrate: friendships, anniversaries, new events, families … and sun! And with our just-show-up approach, you never know which of the 45,000 Americans with a parkrun barcode might show up again after some time away.




At Leakin Park parkrun Lily and Jasmin had never met before, but they quickly became fast friends and decided to walk and run the course together.




Friends Naomi, Kirsten, and Heidi were perfectly coordinated this week at Crissy Field parkrun.




It was our first ever day with two event launches on the same day. At Weedon Island Preserve parkrun Josilynn already knows the ropes. She has helped to set up the event, together with her parents, and she already has a purple volunteer club shirt that she earned while living in Australia.




As the 4th parkrun event in Florida, Weedon Island Preserve parkrun welcomed visitors from Florida’s other parkrun events. 


It was a special day for Cathy (in black). After 209 parkruns at Clermont parkrun she got to do her first parkrun at another location.




It was a beautiful morning in Lafayette for the launch of McAllister parkrun, the first parkrun event in Indiana.




Hundreds of miles away in Washington DC, the crowd at Roosevelt Island parkrun welcomed Weedon Island Preserve parkrun and McAllister parkrun to the parkrun USA family.




It was a big day for Joe Creason parkrun, where they celebrated their first anniversary (a little delayed due to weather and other events). This cake had to go rather further than expected …




… because Joe Creason parkrun saw its largest crowd yet. 


Last week: 8 finishers
This week: 91 finishers – record!




At Livonia parkrun turnout swelled also, as they welcomed the brightly colored boys and girls of Isbister Elementary School for their annual visit. 


This week more under 11s took part at parkrun USA than ever before. We love welcoming kids to parkrun, whether in school groups or families. We’re all about creating sustainable, healthy habits that can last a lifetime.




There were birthday celebrations, too, at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun, where every week they welcome a mix of “new kids” and “old goats”.




At parkrun you can toe the start line with an Olympian. Clermont, Florida bills itself as the Choice of Champions. So what makes Clermont parkrun first finisher Jarrod Shoemaker a champion? (It was his second parkrun – first since 2013.)


Well, there’s participating in the 2008 Olympic Games in triathlon. And being the 2009 World Champion in Duathlon. But most definitive of all: Jarrod has been featured on a Wheaties box. #caseclosed




You don’t have to be an Olympian to enjoy parkrun. In fact, if you join tailwalker Judy, as Tonie did this week at Anacostia parkrun, you get to enjoy parkrun for a whole lot longer.




Our tailwalkers come in all ages and sizes. We can’t say the same for our volunteer vests, alas, as Amy and Cooper discovered at Sippo Lake parkrun.




Like we said, our tailwalkers come in all ages and sizes. This week at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun regular first-finisher Matt tailwalked with Kate, doing her first parkrun since 2012, and a couple of first timers.




Pushing a double stroller is one way of taking your workout to a new level. Especially on the hills of Deep Run parkrun in Richmond, VA.




One more way of increasing the load at parkrun. Andres took time out in the middle of Fletcher’s Cove parkrun to restore the “Turnaround Rock” to its rightful place.




Sometimes you have to go extra fast, just to keep up with your pups, two-legged or four-legged. Des Moines Creek parkrun




We always share the trail, especially when the beautiful spring weather arrives. At Crissy Field parkrun Greg weaved through walkers and participants in a fundraiser 5k for a local school.




At Renton parkrun it’s the time of year when they share the Cedar River Trail with bike pelotons.




At Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun Hari became the first home-grown junior 10-club member. Hari recently turned 11, much to the relief of his parkrunning parents, who no longer need to keep up with him at parkrun.




It was a special double-milestone day at Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore, MD, where Bob completed his 50th run and 25th volunteer day on the same day. Nice!




50 celebration also at Durham, NC parkrun, where Mark has been a regular for the past 3 years.




It was a beautiful morning for a run along the Kanawha River with a barkrunner at Charleston WV parkrun.




At College Park parkrun first-timer Kim enjoyed a walk on the trail with great company. A perfect excuse to ring the PB bell.




parkrun is always a great time to meet old and new friends. Himmel parkrun




At Eagan parkrun in Minnesota everybody is pretty excited that spring has finally arrived.




At Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor they were promised a dry, sunny day. 


Not exactly what they got, but one of the joys of a year round event is that you get to enjoy whatever Mother Nature has in store for you.




New parkrun life skill!


Jamaica Pond parkrun co-Event Director Laura is tying the knot next week with uber-volunteer Drew. This week Drew got some last-minute practice for his groom’s speech by hopping on a rock and giving the first-timers briefing to a rapt audience.


Look out for these two next week in their shiny new JP apricot shirts at the pre-nuptial parkrun at Worcester Pitchcroft parkrun.




At Kensington parkrun they were feting Amber’s 25th time volunteering. Oh, and they also equalled the attendance record set just last week.




Pre-run briefing at Rec Plex North parkrun in Pensacola, FL.




The nature center, the $1 coffees, and the great company have already created a strong post-parkrun coffee culture at Sippo Lake parkrun.




Volunteer crew feeling suitably proud after a successful launch event at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun.


Cadence (far right) is a regular volunteer at Clermont parkrun, so she holds the distinction of being the first ever voluntourist at WIP parkrun.




See you next week, from Jamaica Pond parkrun.


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