News - 30th May 2019

Jamaica Pond parkrun at the Arboretum


Jamaica Pond parkrun in Boston is a hit with locals and visitors, with over two thousand taking part in little over a year. Our concern upon hearing that the pond would be closed for the summer for trail repairs turned to excitement when we learned of JP parkrun’s temporary home down the street.


Jamaica Pond parkrun co-Event Director Dan Forward gives us the scoop:


“The pond path that Jamaica Pond parkrun uses every Saturday has played host to runners, walkers, and all manner of outdoor enthusiasts for over a hundred years now. So maybe it comes as no surprise that from time to time, the City of Boston Department of Parks and Recreation has to perform some upkeep so it remains smooth, beautiful, and welcoming for future generations.




That’s the situation at JP parkrun right now. You may have even noticed the construction equipment and fencing that’s been popping up in many of our pictures lately. Luckily, there’s no shortage of green space in Boston. So, we worked with our local city councilor to find a new temporary home for JP parkrun while the construction crews do their thing at the pond, and wound up in none other than the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University.


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‘The Arb,’ as locals call it, is a park that has it all: wide paved streets, a surprisingly large network of trails, impressive hills (you can even catch a glimpse of the Boston skyline from the tallest peak), a beautiful grove of lilacs, and a whole lot of history. The team at JP parkrun has managed to stuff all of these amazing aspects into one spectacular free, timed 5k every Saturday at 9am. The Arboretum will be our summer home starting June 8th, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you there.”


Arboretum water-1


At it’s temporary home JP parkrun will start and finish close to the Forest Hills gate, at the north of the Arboretum, less than half a mile from Jamaica Pond.


The course is a winding one lap route that reaches into the depths of the Arboretum. It is a little more hilly than the standard two circuits of Jamaica Pond. But that is more incentive to slow down and appreciate the natural beauty of the park.




The Arboretum is easily accessible via public transportation, and on-street parking is available nearby. Full details will appear shortly on the JP parkrun website.


The famous post-parkrun coffee meetup at City Feed and Supply will be unaffected by the move. In fact, it’s now an even shorter walk to refuel.




The JP parkrun team is very thankful to city councilman (and frequent parkrunner) Matt O’Malley for his help with this temporary relocation.


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