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Our parkrun week in pictures, May 25th 2019


There was so much happening this Saturday at our busiest day of parkrunning yet, with over 2,000 running, walking, or volunteering at parkrun USA. The numbers are fun, but the stories are even better. Plus, this week a couple of bonus caption contests.




Renton parkrun: “A few weeks ago Theresa was volunteering at the coffee shop where we go post-parkrun, and learned about our event. She had been wanting to try a 5K and so she decided our crowd seemed friendly and that she’d come out and join us sometime. Well, today she showed up (along with her husband and dog Harley). She ran and her husband and pup walked with the tailwalker and his dog. Harley, being 12, called it quits after the first out and back but Theresa was excited to finish and got lots of kisses from Harley when they were reunited at the finish line.”




A bright morning, and the biggest crowd yet at Sippo Lake parkrun.




Over 100 runners, walkers, and volunteers at Eagan parkrun’s 100th event. The biggest crowd yet, and on a perfect Memorial Day weekend morning.




Caption this! What is Roosevelt Island parkrun co-Event Director Nick telling co-Event Director Joyce as she finishes up her run?


We suspect that it’s her finishing position. By finishing in 96th position, Joyce helped set a new attendance record. But your guess is as good as ours.




We’re not sure this one from Sippo Lake parkrun needs a caption.




At College Park parkrun Carlos became the latest junior parkrunner to join the 50-club, just two weeks after his mom Diana was wearing the 50 sash herself. For good measure, Carlos went and ran a PB.




Unsure whether to sleep in or go to parkrun? Sometimes you don’t have to choose! Charleston WV parkrun




Some parkrunners dream of visiting Crissy Field parkrun in San Francisco. Some parkrunners dream while visiting Crissy Field.




Kensington parkrun is the perfect place for Dagmar and her son Esteban to get in a run together with a friendly community. And that’s even without the cool playground that’s right by the start/finish area.




Convoy of strollers at last week’s record setting Joe Creason parkrun.




At Mountain Goat Trail parkrun it was an unusually quiet morning. So a great time for this snapping turtle to lay her eggs at the side of the trail. 


Meanwhile, Sloane was proud to be an official parkrun volunteer for the first time. She has been a regular helper for the past year, but after turning 4 last week she now has her own parkrun barcode.




When you’re loving your trip to Disney, and your parents say, “Let’s go to Clermont parkrun!” instead, you might as well bring Minnie Mouse with you. Good thinking, Chloe!




Three generations enjoying Heritage Harbor parkrun together.




This weekend more seniors than ever before took part in parkrun USA events. At Himmel parkrun in Tucson Midge completed her 5th parkrun in the company of Mary, who makes it hard not to smile. Both Midge and Mary and regular volunteers who are helping Himmel parkrun to thrive.




Field trip!


There was a big delegation from Jamaica Pond parkrun this week at Worcester parkrun in the UK, where two of their team members were tying the knot.


We think it’s so cool that many of these friends were brought together through creating New England’s first parkrun, which after just one year is going from strength to strength.




Venture Troop 456 did a takeover of Leakin Park parkrun this week, filling most of the volunteer roles. They helped create a wonderful vibe for the near record crowd that came along.




At Livonia parkrun they welcomed some special international visitors. Gillian and Paul are based in the UK, but they were part of the crew that built Roosevelt Island parkrun.


They claimed to be in Michigan for a wedding, but we suspect that it was really to allow Paul to do his 100th parkrun at the birthplace of parkrun USA.




High fives at the turnaround at Mansfield OH parkrun, where they had extra trail markings for Memorial Day.




All smiles at Deep Run parkrun, another event that saw one of its largest crowds yet. And next week is their second birthday, so we suspect that a few people will want to be a part of that celebration.




Friends bring friends to start off the weekend on the right foot. Jason, Karen, and Johanna are regulars at Pensacola’s Rec Plex North parkrun. This week they brought along Brandon and Kacy to check out the beautiful trail at the University of West Florida.




Rare shot of the out and back trail section, from a record setting Durham, NC parkrun.




With this pretty boardwalk at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor, everybody likes that it’s a 3-lap course.




The paths and the rolling grass at McAllister parkrun look lush enough to be a golf course. That’s because that is exactly what they used to be. Now residents of Lafayette, IN and surrounding communities can enjoy them for free every Saturday morning at parkrun.




Whatever the weather, you can count on finding Scott and Rajiv at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor. 


This week Scott (in red) completed Lillie parkrun for the 30th time … in their 30th event.


Rajiv completed only his second parkrun this week. But he was still volunteering, as he does almost every week. The Lillie parkrun tailwalker carries a bucket to pick up course markers on the final lap.




A rare look at the pretty forest section of South Boulder Creek parkrun, where Janet this week continued her tour of US parkruns. 


SBC parkrun is a great way to acclimate to the altitude ahead of Monday’s huge Bolder Boulder 10k, one of the world’s largest road races.




Not a cloud in the sky at Anacostia parkrun in SE Washington DC.




The snow-capped peak in the background is a clue that this is Aspen parkrun, where summer season has started.




This week’s record crowd at Roosevelt Island parkrun also meant for a big group at post-parkrun coffee. No worries, as they have a special big table reserved for the parkrunners.




Excitement is building ahead of next week’s launch of Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller parkrun in beautiful Woodstock, VT. This week they were putting the gear through its paces.




See you next week …

Weedon Island Preserve parkrun




… from our family to your family.

Leakin Park parkrun

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