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Our parkrun week in pictures, June 8th 2019


Double the fun… Two is better than one… Double down on parkrun… Twice as nice…

There’s a theme in this week’s roundup of pictures and stories from across parkrun USA. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, it will become clear as you click through the album.




Earl and Elizabeth are the two Event Directors of Des Moines Creek parkrun, which entered into its second year on Saturday!


DMC cake


Of course they celebrated with cake!


Leakin Park 100


Leakin Park parkrun celebrated double zeros by wearing black, the color of the parkrun 100 milestone shirt.


Can you spot the two Leakin Park regulars who are wearing their black 100 shirts?


Leakin Park 2


These two young ladies met each other at Leakin Park parkrun and were having a grand time running and playing together. They also helped usher in a couple of big milestones as one pulled in a PB, reached the junior-10 milestone, and was the event’s 2,500th finisher!


HH stroller


The double strollers were out in force last weekend, (as were bucket hats) to protect from the sunny rays at Heritage Harbor Ottawa parkrun, where they were celebrating the event’s second birthday.


Himmel 2


These little ladies enjoyed a ride side by side at Himmel parkrun.


CF twins


Over at Crissy Field parkrun the trend continued and matching footie pajamas remind us that it’s okay to roll out of bed and come straight to parkrun. We don’t judge.




The little ones who like to make faces at their escort (or each other) may prefer this style of double stroller as seen at Jamaica Pond parkrun, which had a great kickoff for its temporary second home. JP parkrun is summering at the Arnold Arboretum during construction work at the pond.




At Charleston WV parkrun, the weekend’s participants included frequent parkrunners Maria and Jason, plus their 5-week-old daughter. One sleeping baby = two happy parents!


Fletcher's baby


Oh hey, we found an absolutely adorable picture of a SECOND pint-sized parkrun participant (in arms) at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.




Two events last weekend had rain. Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun was one, but it doesn’t look like it bothered the crowd! We’re guessing all the kids had a blast.


Deep Run PR


Deep Run parkrun in Richmond, VA was the second event to experience a soggy Saturday. Some nasty showers came through an hour before start time, but the worst of the weather had blown over by 8 am, allowing this runner to earn a PB!


Lillie finish sign


This father-son duo were part of a record-sized crowd at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor. Kranthi (Dad) completed his 19th parkrun but it was Nishith’s first time. Combined parkruns: 2-0.


CP 2


This smiling duo was spotted at College Park parkrun on Saturday!


JC 2


These two at Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun took a break from studying the course map to pose for a picture.




Tell (or bring) a friend to parkrun to make it twice as fun!


“I kept hearing about parkrun from posts in Facebook groups & friends from the UK. Every so often I kept thinking: ‘I wish we had one here; I’d totally go!’ In fact the last time I thought this was the day before the inaugural run. Talk about kismet!


“Admittedly I missed the first month or so, but made it out today and I’m glad I did! Thank you so much organizers & volunteers for bringing parkrun to the Greater Lafayette area and for making this a fun & unpretentious run.” -McAllister parkrun Facebook review


Fletcher's results


Eric and Dan, the duo who processed results for Fletcher’s Cove parkrun last weekend are just two of the many, many dedicated parkrunners who also volunteer.


(Since you’re asking: this week’s events were brought to you by 301 volunteers.)




These two got to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the Pogue at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller parkrun in Woodstock, VT, now in its second week.


Oak Grove


Oak Grove parkrun event #2 had 20 participants and 10 volunteers to follow up their inaugural last week.


Oak Grove parkrun is Kentucky’s second parkrun event.


WIP vols


There were twice as many participants as volunteers last weekend at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun, and zero bugs thanks to a slight breeze. Summer no-see-ums were kept at bay while their parkrun community enjoyed a free, sweaty 5K.


DMC jump


Jump on 3: One… two…I’m too excited, I’m jumping now! Des Moines Creek parkrun


SL walkers


In Canton, OH Sippo Lake parkrun walkers threw both hands up in the air to show their enthusiasm for this new event, now in its second month. Saturday saw another record sized crowd.


Ohio now has two free, weekly parkrun events … but not for too much longer.


Livonia Chuck Norris


Chuck Norris doubles were spotted at Livonia parkrun on Saturday. Why? Apparently they were part of a “Chuck Norris virtual 5K.” They all came dressed as Chuck.


Yep, folks, that’s a thing.


CP Trolley Runners


College Park parkrun had a double dose of running/walking events at their park. After parkrunners crossed the finish line, they had the option to join a free summer Yoga in the Park program OR a second free run.


About 30 chose the latter option and participated in the first Trolley Trail Run. Not a parkrun, but a 6K point-to-point run, supported by local parkrun volunteers, as part of a community-wide celebration of walking and biking trails. Fittingly, the event was led off by College Park mayor Patrick Wojahn, who was proudly wearing his red parkrun 50-shirt.


Durham shirts


There was a colorful collection of parkrun shirts at Durham, NC parkrun, where they welcomed parkrun tourist Stephanie, founder of Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor




With gorgeous views along their course and a welcoming atmosphere, we’re sure South Boulder Creek parkrun will convert this week’s 10 first-timers to second-timers (and beyond)!


Lillie turtle


There were two course markers at this spot at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor parkrun on Saturday. One was a bit more reptilian than the other and drew everyone’s attention as they passed.


Moberly turtle


Not one, but TWO snapping turtles were sighted at parkruns last weekend. This one was hanging out near the Moberly parkrun course.


Don’t go too close!




Renton parkrun and Des Moines Creek parkrun will no longer be the only two US parkruns in the Pacific Northwest come next weekend. Perrigo parkrun in Redmond, WA is already boasting a strong showing of volunteers and participants at their trial runs!




See you next week, from two-time parkrunner Daphne at Renton parkrun

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