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Barkrunner profile – Martina


Hey friends — Foxy here, and I’m back with another fabulous barkrunner interview. In June 2018, we celebrated the inaugural unofficial barkrunner day across parkrun USA. On that day, I got to go for a car ride up the BW Parkway (Baltimore-Washington parkway for those of you out-of-towners) to Leakin Park parkrun where I met my new gal pal, the super awesome Martina.


Could you tell me a little bit about yourself?
My name is Martina, and I am aged 11. I am an Australian Cattle dog (blue heeler), originally from Colorado. My current home parkrun is Leakin Park in Baltimore, MD.


Martina walk through


What got you into running?
I’ve been running my whole life. My previous owner (in Colorado) used to take me to a ranch to chase sheep. When I moved to Maryland, my new owners introduced me to parkrun at College Park, where I met a long distant cousin named Scout. About 6 months later, I helped establish Leakin Park’s parkrun.


Martina with dad and brother


Chasing sheep??!! Wow – I’d like to try that one day! And how cool is it that you have been part of Leakin Park parkrun from the start! Where do you like to run now?
Anywhere; I need to run daily. Seriously. If I don’t get a run in, I get very upset; I get agitated and whimper and forcibly nudge objects around the house with my nose.


Oh yeah, running withdrawal is no joke — the struggle is real! So, tell me, what do you like about parkrun?
The word “GO” and being at the front of the pack for the first 1/2 mile.


Ha! You go girl! Are there other activities that you really enjoy?
Playing fetch with my ball, or fox, or bear, or duck. When I volunteer at parkrun, it’s really hard for me not to run at the word “GO”, but my owners try to make volunteering fun by playing fetch whilst we wait for the participants to finish. I also enjoy chasing the squirrels out of my garden…It’s my garden, not theirs.


martina run briefing


Absolutely! So, do you have any tips for barkrunners coming to visit Leakin Park?
Come join us afterwards at Bullwinkle’s; it’s our local post-parkrun place to process results. They allow dogs, and they have awesome tater tots…but I’m not “supposed” to know that.


I won’t tell, but now I need to come back!  Speaking of barkrun tourism, you’ve had an opportunity to visit a few courses, right?

Right – in addition to my experience at College Park, I’ve also visited Roosevelt Island and Kensington and enjoyed swimming in the water near both courses.
Nice!  Okay, time for the lightning round:
Favorite toy?  Fox…sorry, no offense Foxy.
None taken.  Your best party trick?I know lots and lots of tricks, as well as jumps.
Preferred spot in the house?Anywhere near my family.
Treat treat you find most divine? Blue Wilderness jerky.
Favorite superhero?Wolverine, because Hugh Jackman is kind of like a relative.
And super cute!  Superpower you’d love to have? “Mind control” (like Professor X), so I could get more table scraps.
Yum!  If you could drive a car, what would it be?Anything that has a convertible or T-tops.
Cats – Friends or Foes? Meh; I don’t know what to think about them…they aren’t a squirrel or sheep or deer or cattle.
If you could have a human job, what would it be?A shepherd, cowboy, or rancher (obviously).
If you went to human school, activity would you participate in?  Track (sprints).
Awesome lady – Thank you for sitting down with me!  And, before we go, I want to give you a special shout-out for helping the Leakin Park parkrun core team establish an alternate course when your primary course was flooded earlier this year.  Thanks for being part of making parkrun (and barkrun!) happen week after week!
Martina and vols

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