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Our parkrun week in pictures, June 22nd 2019

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Sometimes news travels slowly, other times it’s oh so fast, such as when word got out about wearing tutus to parkrun on the 22nd of the month. We hear that our friends at parkrun New Zealand may be to blame.


We are just as happy to welcome first-timers as folks earning a coveted milestone shirt. And this week we were especially happy to see some of our new event leaders enjoying a parkrun while the volunteer team took care of everything. June has already been our busiest month ever, with over 8,000 runs, walks, and volunteerings, and there’s one weekend still to come!




Did somebody mention tutus? Apparently the Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor team did, because even the barkrunners came prepared. We heard that in New Zealand wearing a tutu to parkrun on the 22nd of the month (“two-two”) is A Thing.

We’re sure that had nothing to do with this week’s new attendance record at Lillie.




At Renton parkrun co-Event Director Cam demonstrated impressively tasteful pairing of a tutu with a purple parkrun volunteering shirt.

(Since you’re asking: the next time the 22nd falls on a Saturday with shorts weather is August 2020. You’re welcome.)




At Mansfield OH parkrun the tailwalking crew had colorful vests and headbands to go along with their tutus. Pretty stylish, ladies!




At Terry Hershey parkrun in Houston, TX they had a record-sized crowd to share the news that they will soon be moving to a (slightly) adjusted course, with cool new features.

Some will be excited by the fact that the new course is a certified 5K, suitable for records. (Those folks might not be wearing tutus.)

Others may be more excited that the new course starts right by a water fountain *and* an outdoor shower. In summer in Houston, there’s a lot to like about that.




In Canton, OH the Sippo Lake parkrun team certainly got the memo. And co-event director Stuart (left) showed that it’s possible to set a PB, be first-finisher, *and* set an age-group record, all while wearing a lime green tutu.

(We confess, this sent us down a rabbit hole of researching records for running in a tutu. You’d be amazed.)




Meanwhile, over in Redmond, WA the team had it all under control for Perrigo parkrun #2, so co-Event Director Kerstin pulled out her barkrunner (and her tutu) and set off to enjoy her own first official parkrun at Perrigo.




In St Petersburg, FL it was week #6 for Weedon Island Preserve parkrun, and co-Event Directors Tim and Jenn Hart were feeling a warm glow. Not only because of the Florida warmth. Both set PBs, and it was the first time that both have got to run the parkrun themselves.




Crissy Field parkrun in San Francisco, CA sees a lot of international parkrun tourists, but this week we were pretty excited to spot an apricot shirt from Des Moines Creek parkrun. Co-Event Director Elizabeth was doing her first parkrun tourism outside the Seattle area. With nothing to remember, other than her barcode, it looks like she had a good time.




Not to be outdone, Roosevelt Island parkrun co-Event Director Joyce (a frequent editor of these weekly roundups) remembered her barcode and her apricot shirt, but she arrived about 7 years too late for Elli∂aardalur parkrun in Reykjavik, Iceland. But the signs are still in place, so she got to enjoy a nice Saturday 5K on the trails anyway.




What’s this at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller parkrun in Woodstock, VT? Joan (in red) was vacationing in the area with extended family, and when she learned that a new parkrun had opened up nearby, she persuaded the WHOLE family to come along.




Biggest crowd yet at Durham, NC parkrun for a week when they’re not celebrating a big landmark for their community. Next week they *are* celebrating a big landmark — their 6th birthday. So look out for an enthusiastic crowd.




At Anacostia parkrun they were excited to celebrate Rune reaching the 50-parkrun milestone. Rune is the first “native Anacostian” to reach this milestone, and he’s a regular volunteer, so it was a big day for the community.




So many of this week’s first-timers at College Park parkrun were families with strollers and/or child carriers. Great way for families to start off the weekend together.




Emma’s mom may be the one in the family who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her parkrun 500 shirt, but it is Emma who was the first in the family to visit Crissy Field parkrun in San Francisco. #priorities




At Aspen parkrun first-timers Tillie and Jordan seemed to have the right idea.




And Chi enjoyed her first time at Des Moines Creek parkrun.




At Livonia parkrun Grace showed that muddy conditions are no barrier to fun or to PBs. And it was double the fun because she brought along her friend Jenna as a first-timer.




Sue Garner does most of her parkrunning in Sussex, UK, but Leakin Park parkrun is becoming a home away from home for her. For good measure she also holds the fastest time by a septuagenarian, male or female. An even greater achievement: this week she brought along two younger generations of Garner to enjoy the parkrun with her.




With Perrigo parkrun now in week #2 it’s already time for some PBs. We thought that James’ 5-minute PB was surely the biggest of the day. But no. James’ wife Norma set an 11-minute PB, and she was in good company.

Whether you’re walking to get faster or just walking to get outside with friends, your local parkrun community will be delighted to welcome you.




At Livonia parkrun Matthew returned for his first parkrun since early 2017. However long it has been, you’ll be welcomed as an old friend when you return to parkrun.




We draw our inspiration from everybody who takes part at parkrun, especially those who are doing something that doesn’t come easy, such as Patrick at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun.




Beautiful morning for a walk with old and new friends at Deep Run parkrun in Richmond, VA.




Mild weather is drawing big crowds at Eagan parkrun in Minnesota.




At Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun the stormy weather kept many people at home. So first-timers Beccy and Paulette got a very warm welcome from the parkrunners and barkrunners alike.




The storms cleared for long enough for Oak Grove parkrun to go ahead (after a little clearing of debris). Regular runner and volunteer Phillip celebrated with a PB.




There were storms too at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun, and a spot of trail clearing was needed during pre-event course check. But the MGT chalk elves are not so easily discouraged.




We are so fortunate that we get to hold weekly parkruns in beautiful places such as Roosevelt Island parkrun, which loops around a presidential monument right in central Washington DC.




parkrun is as much about the post-parkrun coffee as the running and walking.

Mea Cuppa at Charleston WV parkrun.




Volunteering at parkrun is fun and rewarding.

Depot Park parkrun in Gainesville, FL.




This fence at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun is perfect for token sorting. And there’s room for a lot more tokens. So pull out your barcode and join us some time.




They think of everything at Pensacola’s Rec Plex North parkrun. This week regulars Austin and Heather were enjoying the new bug control measures that volunteers have put in place to make the forest trail pleasant year round.

See you next week!

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