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Our parkrun week in pictures, June 29th 2019


With more people than ever before running, walking, or volunteering at a parkrun USA event this past weekend, we knew that we would be spoiled for choice in this week’s roundup of pictures and stories. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.




At Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore MD they were celebrating their second birthday. So these ladies from Moms Run This Town Catonsville arranged the *best* birthday present. By taking over all the volunteer roles, the allowed the LP team to do something they had never done before …




Safe in the knowledge that they had an outstanding team of volunteers, the whole team at Leakin Park parkrun all got to complete the run for the first time. 


Sure, you’ve watched The Wire or you’ve listened to the Serial podcast. But get over to Leakin Park some Saturday at 9am to discover the wonderful community that has formed in the park.




At Durham, NC parkrun they celebrated their 6th birthday with a big new attendance record. 


Good thing they had a lot of cake on hand!




They also had an attendance record this week at Kensington parkrun in Maryland. For the third time in the past two months. Event founder Pam has every reason to feel great about the community that has grown around this parkrun.




At McAllister parkrun in Lafayette, IN this fawn was clearly struggling in the heat. How fortunate that this week’s record crowd included three veterinarians, who were able to assess the situation and find appropriate help.




At College Park parkrun in Maryland pre-event checks found that this mama turtle had chosen to lay her eggs next to the parkrun trail. The course marshal messaged back to the run director, so everybody knew to give mom plenty of space as they passed.


We share the trails with everyone.




There was some creative cake decorating this week at Himmel parkrun in Tucson, AZ, where they were celebrating Lisa’s 25-time volunteering milestone.




Alicia and Karen wore their purple milestone shirts at Himmel parkrun to celebrate Lisa’s special day. Alicia is one of the event founders. And Karen was visiting from Mansfield OH parkrun, where she knew that the parkrun was in great hands.




As temperatures soared across much of the US, shade was at a premium at many events, including Charleston WV parkrun.


On the left, Gail and Mike were visiting from South Africa, after helping to set up Charleston parkrun a year ago.




Not much shade to be had at Anacostia parkrun in Washington DC. But plenty of parkrunners got an early run in anyway this week.




“10-4 Rubber Duck, we’ve got ourselves a convoy.” Deep Run parkrun




At Jamaica Pond parkrun in Boston, MA they’re loving the temporary summer home at Arnold Arboretum, including the hills. Well, mostly.




We mean it when we say that parkrun is a “just show up” event. Raymond was minding his own business along the Kanawha River trail when he came across the Charleston WV parkrun crew. They gave him their “elevator pitch”, and he was sold. So he jumped right in. Welcome!




No sudden elevator pitch for David, a first-timer this week at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun in NJ. When your son-in-law is ED Rory Murphy, you just know that the price of visiting your daughter is that you get to take part in whatever parkrun he has set up lately. 


Welcome to parkrun USA, David!




This crew of regulars at Clermont Waterfront parkrun did a spot of tourism this week at Depot Park parkrun in Gainesville, FL. 


Fortunately Alexis and Mackenzie are now in different age categories, so they both got to take age-group records home with them.




It was a great morning for James and Amy to enjoy their first time walking the trail at Des Moines Creek parkrun in WA.




Yeah, that’s how most people feel after visiting Crissy Field parkrun, which this week became the first US parkrun to scan 8,000 different barcodes.




This week the Mizzou Club Running group took a field trip to Moberly parkrun. Perfect for a student budget.




This week they saw one of their largest ever turnouts at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun, thanks to this group from Tri Star Fitness that made the 30-mile trip to Sewanee. Come again some time — the trail and the company are hard to beat!




The rumors of no mud at Livonia parkrun were premature, but the posse that Kim brought along had a great time regardless.




Last two standing. Kent and Brian are the two who remain with a perfect attendance record at Oak Grove parkrun in KY.




There are no prizes for finishing first at parkrun. But you do get the undivided attention of the barkrunners at the finish line.  Renton parkrun.




Post-parkrun BBQ plus results processing = bliss, Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.




The finish line is at the flag pole, but it’s tempting to stop at the grill, at Heritage Harbor parkrun in Ottawa, IL. This week was their 99th event, so they’re planning something special for #100 next week.




At Leakin Park parkrun’s birthday bash they were joined by Jon from Terry Hershey parkrun in Houston, TX. Jon persuaded his daughter Waverly to come along for her first parkrun, too.




No extra charge for the high fives from these volunteers at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor.


Forget the credit card. Some of the best things in life really are free.




Drea completed the first Renton parkrun in 55-something. This week she completed her 48th parkrun in a PB of 32-something. We’re looking forward to seeing Drea running soon in a bright red parkrun 50 shirt.




Putting the new PB bell through its paces at Perrigo parkrun in Redmond, WA.




This group is pretty excited, because they’re looking forward to soon having a free, weekly parkrun event in Portland, OR.


Know of anybody who would like to get involved? Let us know!




Great morning for a walk at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun in St Petersburg, FL.




Out-and-back courses are perfect for cheering for your friends. Sippo Lake parkrun in Canton, OH.




And it was almost July 1st, so time to wish Happy Canada Day to all of our friends north of the border in parkrun Canada, from Roosevelt Island parkrun and all of parkrun USA.


No, we’re not jealous of your extra July 1st parkrun. Well ok, just a little. Come visit us for US Thanksgiving, eh!




See you next week. From South Boulder Creek parkrun.

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