News - 17th July 2019

Barkrunner profile: Jack of Charleston, WV

Hey there friends!  Your fave barkrunner correspondent Foxy caught up with the super speedy Jack of Charleston barkrun in wild and wonderful West Virginia.  
Jack, tell me a little something about yourself.
Jack is my name. I am a 3 year old male small bench-legged feist terrier. I live in South Charleston, West Virginia. I have two modes. I’m either full force “on” or napping in “off” mode. People say I’m full of myself.
What’s wrong with being confident? Mutts gotta strut, right?!!! Speaking of things we pups gotta do, I hear you rock at running.
I was born to run. I run every chance I get. I am fast, fast, fast! Every person in my family has run after me at some point or another. They cannot keep up!


I bet they still try, yeah? So, tell me about your barkrun.
My barkrun is in Charleston, West Virginia, and it is a pack of people and dogs.  We are on a mission to find the elusive city rabbits. We spread out because city rabbits could come from anywhere. When we find one, I’ll circle it so everyone gets a chance to see. If you are a barkrunner, come help us! You will be welcomed with pats on the head by lots of nice people. We have a turn around. It is well-marked. Every weekend, I mark the huge rock beside it so no one misses it.
Yes, yes, and yes! Bunnies, pets, and a big X marks the spot rock — sign me up! So, barkrun is only on Saturday morning. How do you spend your time between barkruns?
Herding rabbits is fun!  I live beside the big woods. I like to see how many rabbits I can keep in our yard at once.  When I circle the rabbits, the people call my name excitedly and run up close. They almost sound angry! But I am certain they are just thrilled to see wild rabbits! After the people get a good look, I stop circling and let the bunnies dart back into the woods. It’s a hobby. Sometimes when I’m off leash with a smaller group of people, I herd the people. It’s what I do.
Hmmm, I’m sensing a theme here, and I like it! But, how about indoors – what do you like to do inside? Any TV shows you like to binge-watch?
I like to jump into the sill of the bay window in the kitchen. I watch the big woods there and hope to see rabbits. I also like Winnie-the-Pooh, as I can really relate to Tigger. Sometimes when I’m in my “on” mode,  I frantically run around the house and bounce off the furniture thinking, “The most wonderful thing about Jack is that Jack is a wonderful thing!”  The humans roll their eyes and repeat my name, “Jack! Jack!” I am certain that this means they agree.


You’re a real character, you know that?  Okay, lightning Jack Flash, time for the speed round!
Favorite treat treat? Beggin’ strips!
Best toy? Tug-of-war rope
Cats – yes or no? My humans won’t let me near them!
Got any party tricks? Mid air flip-turns against the back of a wing-backed chair
Whoa! Bet you’d score a perfect 10!
Superpower you’d love? To leap tall buildings in a single bound — I’m working on it!
Who is your hero? Mom – she puts the kibble in the bowl!
Job you would tackle if you had to 9-to-5 it? I have the skills to herd children at a Daycare Center.
Pretend you go to human school, what are your extracurriculars? Track and field and gymnastics.
Fun stuff Jack! Thank you so much for the great chat. Now, how about we go chase down some rascally rabbits?



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