News - 17th July 2019

Our parkrun week in pictures, July 13th 2019


In this week’s roundup we greet new friends and bid farewell to departing friends. We celebrate momentous milestones, trend setters, parkrun legacies and family connections. Enjoy these smiley sunny summer snaps!




At Des Moines Creek parkrun what a happy bunch of volunteers- and we LOVE their name tags!




And at Deep Run parkrun, this brother and sister duo take their volunteer roles very seriously.




It was lucky number 13 at Sippo Lake parkrun for Event Director Sam (raised hands) – 13th event, on the 13th of the month, on the 13th time that Sam volunteered.




At Charleston WV parkrun, barkrunner Ruby and Danita greatly enjoyed their second parkrun.




And another barkrunner enjoying their parkrun at Depot Park parkrun.




We all love it when our friend comes to join us at parkrun, and at Crissy Field parkrun this feathered friend called Luigi came along to join in the fun!




Meanwhile at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor, Stephanie Evans is about to move back to the UK after 18 months in Ann Arbor, where she leaves a legacy. Stephanie missed her home UK parkrun when she moved over, and so she and her husband set up their own one! The participant numbers at Lillie are at an all time high and Stephanie can be so proud of the work she has done to bring parkrun to Ann Arbor.


You can read more about this wonderful story here




Adam and Calvin biked over 60 miles this week, 30 plus miles each way to Livonia parkrun from Ann Abor, where they are regulars at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor. Adam will succeed Stephanie Evans as Event Director at Lillie parkrun.




More wheels at College Park parkrun, where Neil completed his 40th parkrun. But it was his first time doing it from a seated position, and also the first time anyone had completed the course in a wheelchair. It worked out fine, but Neil’s parkrun community hopes to see him on his own two feet again soon. Until then, his goal is to learn more names so he can say ‘hi’ to everyone along the course.


Read more about Neil’s inspirational story here




Another person on the move is Natalie (on left) who is moving to California. Natalie’s late mother Jenny loved her local parkrun in the UK and Natalie founded Joe Creason parkrun in her mother’s memory. She is pictured with Shawn Ann Wending who Natalie paced to a PB this week. Read Natalie’s parkrun story here




And at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun, John joined from the UK and had a great finish, collecting the first finisher token. Great preparation for his marathon this week.




At Durham, NC parkrun Phoebe smiled all her way to a PB on her 7th parkrun, with Mom Britt. Well done Phoebe!




More happy mother/daughter time- this time at Perrigo parkrun.




Tim Ramsey earned his 100 shirt at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun on Saturday. Tim credits parkrun with saving his life. Last year, as he noticed his times slowing down, Tim visited his cardiologist which lead him to having a double bypass surgery. He has since resumed his 5ks at parkrun and he is also a regular volunteer. Read Tim’s parkrun story here




Meanwhile at Kensington parkrun, Emily ran her first ever parkrun. She had registered for a barcode in England some time ago, in 2013! Remember, your barcode has no expiration date!




At Weedon Island Preserve parkrun they set an attendance record – Julianne has attended the most WIP parkruns out of anyone in the whole world




Trend setting at Mansfield OH parkrun - turnaround selfies! Could they be the next big parkrun thing?!




At Oak Grove parkrun, tailwalking and tailcarrying is quite the workout!




Most of us need some encouragement to do our first parkrun. At Renton this week, Nikol helped a new walker make her debut. “You do parkrun, right?” “Yes!” “If I come, will you walk with me?” (Resounding) “YES!”




At Roosevelt Island parkrun, they celebrated Stephanie’s 25th volunteering with a fabulous Joyce cake and in Bastille Day style (their own British RD put it “celebrating treason and overthrowing your monarchy, if you’re into that sort of thing!”) They also set a new attendance record (106).




Jamaica Pond parkrun hosted a special parkrun with runners from 15 different running clubs. This group is from Forest Hill Runners.




Post run coffee is always a great idea, just like at Rec Plex North parkrun. It is a chance to get to share stories and a few extra laughs.




What a fun and welcoming group of parkrunners at South Boulder Creek parkrun. It doesn’t hurt that they have a beautiful backdrop.




See you next Saturday for more parkrunning, with your parkrun friends, like this group at Anacostia parkrun.


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