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Our parkrun week in pictures, July 27th 2019

sippo walkers

This week brought a record number of runners and walkers to parkrun USA, over 2000 of them supported by hundreds of encouraging volunteers. Several events welcomed a break from last week’s heat wave. Smiles and post run celebrations were evident from coast to coast. And we are all looking forward to doing it again next week.




Runners and walkers enjoyed the mountain views at Aspen parkrun, where they were delighted to help Jeff celebrate his 25th time volunteering.




Many of the crowd enjoyed a post event coffee with their friends at Charleston WV parkrun. They were also happy to welcome new friends Lucile and Darren, visiting from Rouse Hill parkrun in Australia.

We’re thrilled that parkrun is bringing international travelers to US communities that they might not otherwise meet.




Mary, Depot Park parkrun‘s frequent tail walker lives with essential tremors. We’re so glad you’re part of the team, Mary!




Alex just turned 4 and so he finally got to complete a parkrun with a barcode of his own. He has been attending South Boulder Creek parkrun since its beginning with his parents and older brother. Now, he’s graduated from the stroller to running the whole way himself! Way to go, Alex!




Fiona wanted to make sure that she’d earn her 10th run shirt for her birthday. She met her goal and brought her whole family along to celebrate at College Park parkrun!




Two future parkrunners enjoying a ride while Dad smiles on the run at Durham, NC parkrun.




Juniors were in action as both volunteers and participants at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun in St Petersburg, FL.




More warm weather smiles at the finish line Eagan parkrun in Minnesota. They were so glad to be back after last week’s storms cancelled parkrun.




Zola was also glad to be back at parkrun after taking a heat hiatus for the last few weeks. We think she may have been just a little excited to see her friends at Leakin Park parkrun again.




Volunteers make all of our events happen. The smiling team this week at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.




More happy volunteers encouraged the parkrunners at Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun. No word on whether the water sprayers were back this week, though.




It can be so hard to find the time to catch up with friends, so why not meet up at parkrun for a walk and a chat? Seems like a perfect way to kick of your Saturday, especially somewhere as beautiful as Pensacola’s Rec Plex North parkrun.




It was an amazing weekend at Roosevelt Island parkrun. Rosemary, core volunteer and course record holder in TWO age groups, ran her 50th parkrun. Her son, daughter-in-law (who set a new female course record for good measure), grandson, and his other grandmother came along to help her celebrate. What a great celebration!




It was a truly magical day at Roosevelt Island parkrun. And not only because of the day’s Harry Potter theme.


Co-Event Director Joyce completed her 100th parkrun *and* her 100th time volunteering. They celebrated with cake and a huge new attendance record of 158 finishers.


(Joyce was also one of this week’s roundup editors, so we slipped this one in while she was sleeping. Huge kudos to you, Joyce!)




There was another milestone celebration up at College Park parkrun. Scout LOVES coming to parkrun with her human, Ken. So, it’s only fitting that she also got to wear the milestone sash to celebrate their 50th parkrun! Ken’s about to move overseas for a year, so we hope Scout’s other humans might still come along to barkrun.




parkrun turned out to be extra special this Saturday at South Boulder Creek parkrun. A number of parkrunners hit impressive milestones.

Visitor Penny celebrated her 250th parkrun and her husband Paul completed his 50th parkrun. And local parkrunner John earned his Junior 10 t-shirt.




The Keers left their house at 2:45am to make the trip from Livonia parkrun (Tim) and Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor (Emma) to McAllister parkrun and were excited to help set a new attendance record.

They commented that it is a “gem! The course looks complicated on the map but is very easy to follow on the ground and is FLATTER THAN FLAT. Lots of friendly volunteers.”




You never know who you might meet when you visit another parkrun. Rian and Sharlene are both regular parkrunners in Maryland, at Leakin Park parkrun and College Park parkrun. But it was in Michigan where they got to meet for the first time this week.




More Baltimoreans on tour this week. Leakin Park parkrun regular Iman drove through the night so that he and Kenton and Aidyn could join the crew at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun in Sewanee, TN. The kids needed to rest, as they had an important job to do …




Aidyn and Kenton were guest chalkers at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun this week. Nice work, guys!




Oak Grove parkrun in southwest Kentucky welcomed their first international tourists, Stuart and Angeline from Greenock parkrun in Scotland. They were running their 150th and 162nd parkruns, respectively.




Renton parkrun was ecstatic to welcome a large crowd on a morning that town’s annual parade was taking place at the same time. Road closures ruled out their usual after-parkrun coffee spot, but canceling coffee was NOT an option. So they simply moved to another place.




There’s nothing like the feeling of finishing a great parkrun. We love the smiles from Sippo Lake parkrun this week.




If finishing your parkrun doesn’t make you smile, then petting a barkrunner surely will. That pup got timing credit, right Renton parkrun? (KIDDING.)




Sergio completed his 300th parkrun at Jamaica Pond parkrun in Boston this weekend. Sergio and his family drove down from Montreal this morning to check out the beautiful temporary course at the arboretum!




On the other end of the spectrum, Livonia parkrun was delighted to have so many first timers join them. We hope we’ll see you all again next week!




The crew at Deep Run parkrun LOVE the free post-parkrun yoga classes that have become a regular feature of summers in Richmond, Virginia.




We’re LOL, Crissy Field parkrun.




Waving to the fans at Des Moines Creek parkrun.




They were also waving to the fans a couple of thousand miles away at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller parkrun in Woodstock, VT.




Ever wonder why there are so many beautiful photos from Crissy Field parkrun? It’s because of Dale, who is the absolute master of candid portraits and can take great finish line photos with one hand, while timing with the other hand. We’re so glad that someone captured Dale doing what he does best, since he’s almost always on the other side of the lens!




At Rock Creek Trail parkrun, they are SO EXCITED for their official launch on September 7! The team is holding pre-parkrun events every Saturday to practice and would love to have you come along, if you’re in Portland, Oregon.




Enjoying the shaded trail at Kensington parkrun in Maryland.




And that’s some pretty nice shade at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun in St Petersburg, FL.




Not much shade yet from that tree at Perrigo parkrun in Redmond, WA. But it’s a pretty good spot for the PB bell.




It is important to make certain that the course is safe for our runners and walkers before the event. This week, the volunteers at Mansfield OH parkrun used it as an excuse to get in a few pre-parkrun miles.

See you next week!

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