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Our parkrun week in pictures, August 3rd 2019


It’s so much fun to learn about your parkrunning every week. Unsurprisingly, with our busiest day yet — over 2,500 runners, walkers, and volunteers — and visitors from near and far, we were spoiled for choice. Here are some of our favorite pictures and stories from this week.




Water pistols seemed to be the preferred way to stay cool this week at Lillie parkrun.




At South Boulder Creek parkrun, inspiring athlete Adam Popp set a PB of 21:34. A 5K is a sprint for Adam, who has completed two 100 milers since he started running in 2015. Adam lost his leg when an IED exploded near him in Afghanistan.




Cooper got his 8th birthday off to a perfect start by volunteering at Sippo Lake parkrun in Canton, OH.




Another person celebrating a birthday at parkun this week was Lucy, at College Park parkrun. And for good measure she set a PB. When Lucy started parkrunning she was dealing with balance issues, so now it’s great to see her getting her running mojo back.




So who was the cake for this week at Perrigo parkrun in Redmond, WA? Was it for Amanda, who earned a purple milestone shirt for volunteering at parkrun for the 25th time? Or was it for husband Lee, whose birthday it was?




At Pensacola’s Rec Plex North parkrun Karen gave the first-timers briefing. The 26 newcomers had done a total of zero parkruns before. All were doing their first ever parkrun. Welcome!




Elsewhere in Florida, the first-timers briefing at Clermont parkrun was a little different. This week’s first-timers were mostly visitors from across the pond — it’s peak tourist season — and they had a total of 3,302 previous parkruns to their name.




Elsewhere in Florida, at Depot Park parkrun in Gainesville, they had just one parkrun tourist this week. But it was a very special guest. Geraldine is a regular at Preston Park parkrun in Brighton, UK, and it was she who inspired her sister Shauna to start a parkrun in Gainesville.




4,100 British scouts were spending the weekend at the University of Maryland, after spending the week at the 24th World Scout Jamboree in W Virginia. So some of them snuck in a visit to College Park parkrun, before heading off to explore Washington DC.




Some of the scouts made it downtown to Roosevelt Island parkrun. Great way to enjoy more of the sights and museums of Washington DC.




At Weedon Island Preserve parkrun the loudest cheer of the day was for Susan, who walked the course in under an hour for the first time. Oh, and that also makes it a course record for 75-79 year olds. Nice!




The fastest female finisher in parkrun USA this week was Lily at Clermont parkrun, who finished in 18:00. Lily is 14 years old. Speedy!




At Charleston parkrun, regular octogenarian parkrunner Luther took a turn at volunteering this week.




That’s a nice red 50 shirt. But soon Mia from Crissy Field parkrun will have a nice black shirt to go along with it, as this week was her 100th parkrun.




At Fletcher’s Cove parkrun Ben is getting close to becoming another of the select group of US teens in the parkrun 50 club. So he’ll soon have another red shirt in his collection. PB this week, too!




Elizabeth is the “mom” of Des Moines Creek parkrun. This week she tailwalked with her parents, who were visiting from Illinois. We guess that makes them the proud grandparents of this parkrun.




Aussies Lucile and Darren continued their US parkrun tour this week at Durham NC parkrun. Last week they were at Charleston WV parkrun. And who should they meet in Durham but Adam, the Charleston co-Event Director.


Where will the tour go next? Look out for Lucile and Darren next week at your parkrun.




At Himmel parkrun in Tucson, AZ they said goodbye to Ryan, who has been joining them while studying at the U of Arizona. Ryan’s moving back home to Seattle. Good news! There are three parkruns to choose from in the Seattle area!




That does not look like Baltimore! Tom and Geraldine are pillars of the community at Leakin Park parkrun, but this week they got to try out the low humidity — and low oxygen — at South Boulder Creek parkrun.




Deep Run parkrun in Richmond, VA saw one of their largest groups yet as they welcomed a group of kids from the local YMCA.




Rebecca seemed to be having a good time this week at Des Moines Creek parkrun in Washington State. Rebecca did most of her parkruns at 5-6 years ago at Southend parkrun in the UK, but since discovering the community at DMC parkrun a few months ago she has been back most weeks.




It was Bring a Friend Day this week at Kensington parkrun in Maryland. Rosa got the memo and brought along her friend Daniela.




Deb is nursing injuries that keep her from running, so this week she brought along her friend Bridget (left) to Renton parkrun, and they had a great time.




Darlene is now halfway to earning her 50 shirt at Mansfield OH parkrun. And this week she paced her friend Angie to a new PB. Nice!




At Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller parkrun Barkwalker Autumn loved her first parkrun so much that this week she brought her friend Skylar along too! “Leash holders” Jan and Stew just come along for the ride.




Um, we’re not sure that’s a barkrunner, South Boulder Creek parkrun.




At Mountain Goat Trail parkrun Philip joined for the third time. When he’s in Atlanta for work he enjoys making the 340-mile round trip to visit his friends in Sewanee, TN




At Lillie parkrun it was an emotional day as event founder Stephanie Evans the torch to Adam Hockley as new Event Director. When Steph moved to Ann Arbor 18 months ago she missed her local parkrun and wanted to create one for her adopted community. She worked through 2018 to make it happen, and now there’s a thriving parkrun community in AA. New attendance record for the sendoff, too, with over 100 finishers and volunteers.




Nice spot for Dan to give the pre-parkrun briefing at Jamaica Pond parkrun’s temporary home at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum.




At McAllister parkrun in Lafayette, IN they were happy to welcome back this crew, who have found that parkrun is a great way to get points for their company wellness program. Anybody else out there using parkrun for a similar program?




This family of six enjoyed their first parkrun, at Oak Grove parkrun. Dad carried a big pack and got in some extra laps after the kids were finished.




Beautiful clear morning for parkrunning at 8,000 feet at Aspen parkrun.




See you next week! From South Boulder Creek parkrun.


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