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Barkrunner profile – Mia of Roosevelt Island

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Hi all, Foxy here.  This week, I caught up with my friend Mia, a marvelous gal and barkrunner at my home barkrun of Roosevelt Island, for an exclusive!


Mia, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?


I came to DC from a South Carolina shelter after Lucky Dog Animal Rescue posted my picture and my humans asked to adopt me. My humans say they think I was a hunting dog. I suppose this is because I love to run and I am always trying to catch squirrels.


Cool, I’m a Lucky Dog alum too!  




So, we met at Roosevelt Island barkrun – I’m curious, what do you like about barkrun?  Have you had a chance to volunteer yet?


There are so many nice people who attend and they give me lots of attention. And often, I help out as tailwalker.  I also love trail running.




Trail running is the best.  Where is your favorite place to run? 


I love running with other dogs in Montrose park and of course Roosevelt Island.


Are there other activities that you really enjoy?


I like to jump against the back windows in my new forever home hoping that someday they won’t be there and I will be able to get the squirrels that tantalize and torment me. Often times my humans let me out back, but the squirrels hear the door opening and are well up into the tree branches before I get far.




Those darn squirrelly squirrels!  They drive me batty too!  Okay, time for the lightning round:


Favorite toy?   Squirrel and chipmunk lookalikes


Your best party trick? Shaking and jumping like a helicopter, straight up, fast and high….


Preferred spot in the house? Wherever my humans like to sit, the couches in particular…


If you could drive a car, what would it be?  A Mia-ta of course.  It is named after me because we are both fast and sporty.


Songs that help you get your groove on?  Me and Mia by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Mamma Mia by Abba, and Mimi (Mia) on the Beach by Jane Siberry.


Cats – Friends or Foes?  Not sure yet- My humans have cats. One of them paws at me and sits near me but I am wary because another scratched my face when I tried to get too near.  I look at them with a sideways glance.


If you could have a human job, what would it be? I would be a rock star- I love attention, I love to be crazy, and of course I am always wearing black.


If you went to human school, which extracurricular activities would you participate in? Track and Field- Hurdles :) And film club – I loved the god-like fish man in “Shape of Water”.




Awesome Mia!  Thank you so much – you are so fab!  I’ll see you at an upcoming barkrunday!

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