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Our parkrun week in pictures, August 10th 2019

Roundup cover photo

There were high fives all over the US last Saturday, as THOUSANDS of people ran, walked, or volunteered at their local, or not-so-local, parkrun.


Frankly, we just love being able to say THOUSANDS…after our third-straight week of more than 2,000 runners and walkers. Good thing a few of our upcoming events were out practicing: we can’t wait to launch parkrun in even more US communities.




We LOVE this photo from Sippo Lake parkrun, because it’s everything we love about parkrun in a single snapshot. There’s nothing better than seeing your friends at parkrun, except being able to cheer for each other on an out and back section.




Ever wonder how the volunteers manage to have so much fun, while you’re out running or walking? We hope that Livonia parkrun‘s Spencer and Kim won’t mind that we’ve given away their secret.




The volunteer team at the upcoming Byxbee parkrun had some very exciting news to share with the crowd that turned up for their 9am community run. They have a launch date! We can’t wait to welcome Palo Alto, California to the parkrun USA family on September 14. Registration is coming soon.




The volunteers at College Park parkrun were handing out high fives to congratulate the finishers. Even the ones who needed a little boost to complete the full 5K.




They were doing the same thing at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun! (We love that this future parkrunner wisely brought along a fan, to help him stay cool in the Florida summer weather.)




Are these volunteers at Des Moines Creek parkrun happy because they’re at parkrun, because they feel awesome about making the event possible, or just because they have a tent to warm and dry in the rain?




Sometimes, volunteering is very serious business. It’s hard to be a free, weekly, TIMED event if the scanning and timing files don’t get transferred to the official e-mail box, after all. Crissy Field parkrun was one of the first US events regularly use the Virtual Volunteer app for timing & scanning and we thank them for leading the way.




Some volunteers just get to enjoy the scenery, while they wait to direct parkrunners. We can’t blame them, when South Boulder Creek parkrun is so beautiful.




Did you know that NONE of these awesome volunteers knew each other before they came to parkrun? That’s the best thing about parkrun – it brings people together who might never have met any other way. In an area like the one near Roosevelt Island parkrun, where people move in and out constantly, that’s particularly valuable.




We still love your tailwalker tails, Terry Hershey parkrun. In fact, they might be a good incentive to come visit and volunteer!




We literally cannot celebrate our volunteers enough. So, we were particularly happy to see that Ken’s contributions to Renton parkrun were recognized this weekend. Congratulations, Ken, on earning your purple shirt for volunteering a 25th time and on rocking the high viz super hero cape.




And, sometimes, our volunteers help other people celebrate their milestones. Chris has visited 10 US events, but returned to Jamaica Pond parkrun to complete his 100th parkrun.




Dan completed his 50th parkrun this weekend at College Park parkrun in some serious style. His previous PB from his 49 other parkruns was 29-something. Now his PB is 26-something. Wow!




Eve is the first person at Charleston WV parkrun to complete 50 events and earn her red t-shirt. We LOVE the hat and can’t wait to see it being modeled by loads of other parkrunners soon. Congratulations, Eve!




There were two celebrations at Durham, NC parkrun this weekend. Tom completed his 100th parkrun and the entire group helped ED Julie celebrate her birthday. We hope there was cake.




What a milestone for Himmel parkrun in Tucson, Arizona! David was their 1,000th finisher on Saturday — almost exactly a year after he moved to Tucson and immediately set about starting weekly meetups to generate interest in starting Arizona’s first parkrun.




Kai ran his 10th parkrun at Kensington parkrun. We’re reliably informed that he’s a really strong runner and we know for sure that he’s rocking the milestone sash.




Some milestones are bittersweet. Susan has been a regular runner and volunteer at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun since 2016, but this was her last event before she and her family move back to Ireland. We will miss her so much, but we’re glad that she’ll always be part of our parkrun USA family. To help her remember her time in Washington, DC, her friends put together a book full of beautiful parkrun photos.




Ruth rocked and rolled the course by scoring a PB by seven minutes in her second full Leakin Park parkrun. Her legs were a little fresher without last week’s pre- and post-bike ride.




Tammy and Eddie look like they’re having a great time at Oak Grove parkrun.




Lest you think that it’s just the grown-ups who make friends at parkrun, Em and Sloane would like to remind you that a shared love of dimple cones is what really brings people together. We hope you have some extras, Mountain Goat Trail parkrun.




Some mini parkrunners are still a little too small to manage the course on their own and have to enlist speedy parents for that “wind in their hair” experience. Leakin Park parkrun‘s paved course is perfect for jogging strollers.




It was classic Seattle summer weather at Perrigo parkrun this weekend, by which we mean: pouring rain! But, even that couldn’t dampen the spirits of the parkrunners who turned out on Saturday morning.




We’re so used to seeing mountain views at South Boulder Creek parkrun that we had no idea there was also a tunnel. *insert joke here about parkrunners at the end of the tunnel*




Did you know that San Francisco’s legendary fog has a name? Meet Karl the Fog, who made an appearance at Crissy Field parkrun this weekend. We hope he brought his barcode.




Some parkruns have a PB bell, but Deep Run parkrun in Richmond, Virginia has a PB selfie frame. We’re so proud of you for setting your second PB in a row this week, Vivian.




Not even a broken arm could stop Jacob from getting his parkrun on at Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun this week.




We love this tradition from Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, where they invite people to sign up on the volunteer whiteboard during the pre-run briefing. What a great way to make sure everyone knows how to sign up for a volunteer gig.




Things were looking lush and green at Himmel parkrun this week, after some recent rain.




Darlene was looking strong, motivated, and beautiful, en route to a new PB at Mansfield OH parkrun!




Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller parkrun might be located in a small town in Vermont, but that didn’t stop tourists from Australia, Scotland, Washington, D.C., and Rutland from making their way there for a visit. And we’re happy to see that Autumn and Skylar were back for another barkrun in the park.


… You may remember that last week we asked where Aussie tourists Lucile and Darren might appear this week. Well here they are!




Luigi, in the blue hat, moved from San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, to Pensacola, Florida in January 2019 to attend flight school. He’s made all kinds of new friends through Rec Plex North parkrun, but he always looks forward to coffee the most. We can see why!




More US parkrun tourism – Stewart from College Park parkrun made friends with ED Charlie on his visit to McAllister parkrun this week. We were delighted to see that McAllister set another new attendance record this week, too.




Another week, another community fun run at the future home of Rock Creek Trail parkrun. Did you know that more than 50 people have now taken part in one of their unofficial Saturday community run or walk events? We’re really looking forward to the event’s official launch on September 7.




Speaking of upcoming events…did you know that Ohio is well on its way to having four parkruns, building on the success of Mansfield OH parkrun? Matt and Nancy are the co-ED’s of the future Ohio and Erie parkrun (Cleveland), while Clare is learning how to start a parkrun in the Delaware area north of Columbus. Drop us a note, if you’re interested in helping with either of these efforts!




Are the smiles at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun because they set yet another new attendance record this week? Or because they’re looking forward to celebrating their first anniversary next week (and ED Rory’s 250th parkrun)?




See you next week, from Depot Park parkrun!

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