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Our parkrun week in pictures, August 31st 2019

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We are over-indulging for the Labor Day holiday — on parkrun stories. There are just *so many* to share from one of our busiest ever weekends, with over 2,500 taking part across 36 US communities, with many more on the way.




Kaylie’s big day! She started out at Renton parkrun from the very beginning in a stroller. Now 4 years old, she is finally old enough for her first official parkrun and her first official volunteer role.




Ellie enjoyed her first time at Himmel parkrun in Tucson, AZ. She’s looking forward to incorporating it into her fitness plans.




Last week we shared the story of Peter Wachira’s parkrun journey. This week he completed his 50th parkrun, and his friends at Anacostia parkrun celebrated him with airplane arms.


Here’s Peter’s story:




Walking or running parkrun with a friend is always fun. Having them trust you as their eyes on the trail is pretty special. College Park parkrun




Running across the boardwalk at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor makes it hard not to smile.




At Deep Run parkrun in Richmond, VA they have been so happy to welcome back barkrunner Moose and his human Lindy in recent weeks. Speedster Lindy is the female course record holder, but she broke her leg a few months ago. Nowadays, a walk with Moose and their parkrun friends is a valuable part of rehab.




Rob and Edward are accustomed to speeding around Fletcher’s Cove parkrun in 20 to 28 minutes. This week they learned that strolling the C&O Canal towpath in around an hour is at least as much fun.


Walking at parkrun — definitely a thing.




Eli has already completed 40 parkruns, but this week was a good time for volunteering at Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun.




Dan is a regular volunteer at Kensington parkrun in Maryland. In addition to his hundreds of great pictures, he can tell you EXACTLY how many parkrun high fives he has given.


Not that we’re very good at remembering. Last we checked it was three thousand two hundred something. Maybe.




Clare is a regular runner at College Park parkrun, where she holds the 70+ course record. She’s also a regular volunteer at Kensington parkrun, where her favorite role is timekeeping.




Last year Carol won the contest in the parkrun USA Group to predict when we would first see 1,000+ finishers. In this year’s 2,000+ contest she predicted August 31st. Now we know why! This weekend she and family traveled from London to visit daughter Emma in New York City. And so of course they all had to visit Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun.


And what of Carol’s prediction? Yes, we saw well over 2,000 finishers, but it was the sixth consecutive week that has happened. Nice try, Carol! The 3,000 contest can be only a few months away.




parkrun is huge in the UK, but Stephen loves the intimacy of US parkrun communities. So naturally he and his friend James loved their visit to Depot Park parkrun in Gainesville, FL.


Stephen’s girlfriend: “So the reason that you aren’t trying to get our flights changed to avoid the hurricane is because you want to do parkrun isn’t it?”


Stephen: It would have been wrong to lie.




This week Stephanie, Henry, and Ian from Kensington parkrun in MD were among the many US parkrunners enjoying a spot of parkrun tourism for Labor Day. Great start to the morning at Jamaica Pond parkrun in Boston, MA.




Eden and Foxy from Roosevelt Island parkrun in Washington DC celebrated Eden’s birthday by taking a trip to Mansfield OH parkrun. And why not!


Foxy got to do a spot of barkrun reporting — look out for her latest in an upcoming newsletter — and Eden jumped in and saved the day on results processing.




Big group of visitors from other US parkruns this week at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller parkrun in Woodstock, VT. Representatives from Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, Leakin Park parkrun, and Livonia parkrun all enjoyed the climb to The Pogue, together with a big crowd of locals.




Leakin Park parkrun welcomed Baltimore Muslim Sisterhood play group. They get together regularly for sisterhood and fun for the kids, and Becky decided that parkrun would be a perfect match. Great idea!




We love how parkrun USA tourism brings together folks from improbable pairings of communities. This week Carmen and Patrick, regulars at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun in Sewanee, TN met up with the community at McAllister parkrun in Lafayette, IN.




Confusion this week at Livonia parkrun in Michigan when Sam Bailo didn’t show. He hadn’t missed a week in over 2 years. Was everything ok?


Very much ok, in fact. He may be one of just four US parkrunners with a green 250 shirt, but he has never got his hands on a 001 finisher token. So he ventured out early, we presume under cover of darkness, to visit Buckeye territory at Sippo Lake parkrun in Canton, OH. And there he found treasure! (He returned the token right away, of course.)




First ever parkrun this week for Tim, who traveled from Huntsville, AL to take part in Mountain Goat Trail parkrun in Sewanee, TN. We hear that Tim has 100 goats. Some things are just meant to be.




First ever 5k for Pascale. So she definitely earned a ring of the PB bell at College Park parkrun.




Isabella has been a happy spectator at Livonia parkrun since she was a baby. Now four years old she told dad that she wanted to get her own barcode and do parkrun with him. Welcome Isabella!




We love welcoming more and more seniors at parkrun events around the country. This week at College Park parkrun Mike took a post-surgery break from running to help out as a volunteer. And Bonita kept up her streak of regular walks.


The URL on Bonita’s shirt led us to a great AARP article on How to Make that Daily Walk Happen. We’re sure that parkrun can help with that.




First-timer Chris enjoyed the amazing views at the second Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun in Madison, WI. Whatever your pace, we’re just as happy to welcome you to parkrun.




First ever 5K for Nya, at Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore. Congratulations, Nya! Hope you can join us again.




Welcoming this week’s crop of first-timers at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun in St Petersburg, FL. Emily mentioned that it was her first ever 5k. And she hopes to be back for more. Great stuff, Emily!




At Mansfield OH parkrun they enjoyed post-parkrun coffee under their big gazebo, right by the trail. Perfect chance to hang out with friends.




Barkrunners enjoy meeting new friends, too. Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor




And here’s this week’s Lillie parkrun run report writer.


But wait — that does not look like Ann Arbor. Calvin was reporting from Michigan while parkrunning in San Francisco at Crissy Field parkrun. Nice work, Calvin!




Record crowd this week at Oak Grove parkrun in Kentucky.




It’s pretty cool to be back at parkrun after a few weeks away for the summer. It’s pretty amazing to be reunited with your dad. Perrigo parkrun




After 30 events, Pensacola’s Rec Plex North parkrun has built a strong local following. Heather is already most of the way to earning her 50 shirt. And Donavan earned his junior 10 shirt a few weeks ago. Both of them set a PB this week. Consistency clearly pays.




Rosemary is in her late 70s, and in the mostly twenty-something and thirty-something Arlington, VA community she is a lynchpin of the Roosevelt Island parkrun community. She recently joined the 50 club, and this week she had everything under control as Run Director.




Ooh nice! They’re testing out a new post-parkrun coffee spot at South Boulder Creek parkrun. The cafe at Neptune Mountaineering looks like a winner!




Susan is a regular editor of these weekly roundups, even after moving back to Ireland (thanks, Susan!), so she has got to know many different US parkrun communities. Imagine her surprise, then, when she rolled up to Marlay parkrun in Dublin on Saturday, and bumped into Robin and his daughter Julie-Ann, two of the leaders of Rec Plex North parkrun in Pensacola, FL. Small world!




At Rock Creek Trail parkrun in Portland, OR they are rigorously testing all important procedures ahead of next Saturday’s official launch event.


Testing out the post-parkrun coffee spot is a vital component of this.




In Florida they’re proud to be the first state with four parkruns. But Ohio is hot on their heels!


Cleveland’s first parkrun starts Oct 5th, and Dan is part of the team that is looking to bring parkrun to the Columbus area. This week he was visiting Mansfield OH parkrun. Drop us a line if you’d like to join the effort in Columbus.




See you next week! From Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor.


(Which state? Your guess is as good as ours.)

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