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Our parkrun week in pictures, September 7th 2019

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We were so excited this week to welcome the new kid in town: Rock Creek Trail parkrun in Portland, Oregon. The team there has worked for more than two years to bring the event to life, so it’s really special to see it finally hold its first official event. Welcome to the parkrun USA family!




The volunteer team was thrilled to finally see all of their hard work pay off at this weekend’s launch of the Rock Creek Trail parkrun in Portland, Oregon. Well done on a successful launch!




There they are: the more than 40 participants and volunteers who enjoyed the Rock Creek Trail parkrunfor the first time. But, don’t forget – we’ll be just as excited to see you next week and the week after that and the week after that….




Several of the crew that went out for coffee after Rock Creek Trail parkrun’s inaugural event were very interested in the results processing. Future Run Directors in the making, perhaps?




No inaugural weekend would be complete without whiteboard welcomes from our existing event. Here’s Roosevelt Island parkrun sending their best wishes across the country to Rock Creek Trail parkrun.




We just couldn’t resist this photo of Jim and Linda, who celebrated their 40-somethingth wedding anniversary by crossing the finish line at Des Moines Creek parkrun hand in hand. Congratulations and thank you for celebrating with us!




It’s back to school time and at parkruns across the country, that can only mean one thing…time to prep for cross-country season. Two weeks ago, Livonia parkrun hosted two young women from the Chandler Park Academy Cross Country Team. Last week, there were four, and this week eight. What are the chances of 16 cross-country athletes next week?




At Durham, NC parkrun they welcomed their largest crowd yet, thanks to visitors from the Cary Fire Home School Cross Country team. After 317 weekly events the #100 token saw its first action. With the extra traffic on the trail, Bill quickly realized the need to create a “human bollard” (or “billard”) volunteer role.




While some parkruns were welcoming lots of junior first timers, Kenton and Aidyn at Leakin Park parkrun are old pros. And they have the shirts to prove it.




Lucas has earned one of those coveted shirts, too. He and his family have become regular parkrunners at Deep Run parkrun and really enjoy their time together evey week.




Here’s another group who decided that parkrunning was a great way to spend their Saturday morning. Even better, there were brand new PBs to celebrate afterwards with the Perrigo parkrun PB bell. Well done, Henry, Simon, Emma, and Evie (who was just out in front of the rest).




We know someone else who is looking forward to setting PBs of their own at College Park parkrun someday. Sometimes you just can’t wait to hop out of the stroller to enjoy walking and running on the trail with the big kids.




It’s always good to have some encouragement and junior parkrunner high fives are the best high fives. Right, Mountain Goat Trail parkrun?




At Mansfield OH parkrun, it looks like the junior parkrunners have opted for high-vis fist bumps instead.




While, at Crissy Field parkrun, this junior went for a sprint on the line. Maybe it was her way of encouraging the other parkrunners to push a little bit harder?




And sometimes, the grown-up parkrunners hand out high-fives, too. At College Park parkrun, their timekeepers are skilled enough to time with one hand and congratulate finishers with the other hand.




There was so much to celebrate at Depot Park parkrun this week. They held their 50th event (there was cake, of course), sent a new attendance record, saw several people finish their first-ever 5K, and helped parkrun UK tourists Jos & Jamie commemorate their 25th wedding anniversary.




At Kensington parkrun they celebrated Lokesh’s 50th parkrun on the day before he and his family moved back to India.


When Lokesh moved to the US in 2014 to work at the Indian Embassy he was overweight and had high blood pressure. Running was the last thing on his mind. 5 years later he returns a changed person.




And at Eagan parkrun, they were helping Carol celebrate her big 5-0 (parkruns) milestone.




Drea earned her 50 shirt recently and debuted it at Renton parkrun this weekend. Rikki was visiting from Nose Hill parkrun in Alberta, CA and wore his 250 shirt. It’s a shirt that is seldom seen here in the US, but Drea has already set her sights on earning one someday! #parkrungoals




Rory has been parkrunning for ten years, but has been so devoted to volunteering, amabassadoring, and setting up new parkrun events that it took him awhile to reach his personal milestone of completing 250 parkruns. And look what arrived in the mail this week, just in time for Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun! (But we’d be more impressed if he’d managed to selfie the back of his own shirt.)




Milestones are great, but we love welcoming first timers just as much. At McAllister parkrun, they welcomed Martha, JP, and Todd for their first-ever parkruns. We hope that we’ll see you all back again soon.




Disaster struck at Charleston WV parkrun this week: the tokens were dropped! Luckily, the high vis heroes sprang into action and saved the day. (No tokens were harmed in the making of this parkrun.)




Meanwhile, at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor, Josh brought along this amazing finish token sorter and their tokens were snug as a bug in a rug. Now we know what to ask Santa for this year.




Aussie parkrun tourist Darren was back this week. This time he visited Himmel parkrun in Arizona, where he met event directors David and Alicia, plus a young photobomber.


“Tucson is a beautiful city that I would not have visited if not for the parkrun.”




David has shaved more than 12 minutes off his time since his first Oak Grove parkrun at their inaugural on June 8 and has subsequently set SIX PBs. David, your parkrun family can’t wait to continue supporting you on your health and fitness journey.




Christine & Brian visited Moberly parkrun from the UK this weekend. They knew that they just HAD to visit, because they run with the Rothwell Harriers running club and at Rothwell parkrun (Moberly parkrun takes place in Rothwell Park).




Eight people set PBs at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun this weekend. How many of them ran a little bit faster after seeing a (harmless) corn snake hanging out on the trail?




As part of an Ohio parkrun exchange, a deputation from Mansfield OH parkrun took a field trip to Sippo Lake parkrun in Canton.


With Sippo Lake parkrun just a few months old, we’re now looking forward to Ohio’s 3rd parkrun, which starts Oct 5th in Cleveland.




Meanwhile, at Byxbee parkrun in Palo Alto, California, they were holding their final informal 9am run, ahead of next week’s inaugural. Practice definitely makes perfect.




There was a sprint for the line at Mansfield OH parkrun. Looks like fun to us!




This Perrigo parkrun barkrunner has a very important question: “will we see YOU at parkrun next week?

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