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Barkrunner profile – V of Mansfield, Ohio

V header

Hi again everyone! Your favorite barkrunner correspondent Foxy is back in action with another fantastic meet and greet. This time, I met up with the vivacious V of Mansfield parkrun in Ohio!




V, let’s start with the basics – how’d you get such a superstar name?
I have a beautiful white “V” on my chest. The only white on me, and it became my name.


I HAVE to ask…does the V on your chest mean you were born to be a superhero?
I’m happy just being me, no superpower needed! Mom says I’m SUPER!!


V Snow


Hmm, I bet that is just what Clark Kent says. Don’t worry — your secret is safe with me. So, V, tell me about yourself.
I am a rescue dog (mom says the best breed). I am 7+ years old and have been running for over 5. I live with my mom, my dad, and two furbaby sisters, Tipper and Mystic, who like me are great rescue breeds (they don’t look like me and don’t do the run thing, but they are still great girls and great playmates). I was born at the Richland County Humane Society, Mansfield, OH. My fur mom is a Giant Schnauzer and my dad was unknown. My fur mom was rescued from a terrible situation. My human mom is a dog groomer, and she gave my fur mom a good bath and haircut just days before I was born.


That is such a sweet ending. Now, V, I hear you and your mom Ann make a very good running team – is that right?
I love to run and I make sure mom does not get out of the house without me!! My mom gets a run buddy and I get to burn off high strung energy!! I started at the first parkrun in Mansfield on a cold January day. I have completed over 50 parkruns, while my mom has done a few more (can you believe she forgot me at home a couple of times?). Everyone is so nice at parkrun, and they (I think) like me (even though I can get quite rowdy during the pre-run briefing. Otherwise, I am all business when it comes to running. No petting from my fellow parkrunners before the start as I’m laser focused! After my run, then I’ll take time to visit. I really love to go to our local coffee shop (Relax It’s Just Coffee). They love me too!!




Must Love Dogs, right???!!!! Word on the grapevine is you also go all in on the themed event days and the hi-viz hero action, yeah?
I love getting into the action! Dressing the part for holiday celebrations and especially the “Beat Michigan” day (GO BUCKS)!! I also enjoy volunteering at parkrun and completed my 25th volunteer occasion in August 2019. Volunteering is such an important part of parkrun. Mom and I have done a variety of positions, but the best is Course Marshal. I get to start before everyone and then welcome all at the half way point!


If the chance to pet a puppy at halfway isn’t an incentive to achieve a personal best, I don’t know what is….ooooohhh OMG….I have the best idea….if your gal pal Random is waiting for the parkrunners at the finish line, the event would be even more pup-tacular than those parkrunners could ever imagine!!!!




Wow, what an idea! We’ll have to plan that out later. For now, I think we need to move on to the lightning round!!!


Favorite toy? My sisters


Best trick up your sleeve? Waiting to the count of 3 for treats.


Preferred spot in the house? With my mom. She has all the goodies!

Oh yeah, mommies are the bestest.


Greatest treat treat ever? Homemade veggie biscuits


What’s your fave song? We Are The Champions!


Who is your champion? Fellow parkrunner, Jon Fulwider!! He was the first to do 100 runs at Mansfield parkrun! Though, I also want to thank Mansfield parkrun for allowing me to run with them. They put up with a lot of talking from me and I love them all!


V Tailwalker


Character you most relate to? Scooby-Doo? Is he still on TV on Saturday mornings…I’m busy running you know!!
Oh, he’s a good one.


What’s your recovery snack? Bananas… love them!



If you could drive a car, what would it be? A convertible…just put the top down and let the wind flow through my hair.

You go girl!


Cats – Friends or Frenemies? I have no relationship with the felines.



What would be your human job? Oh my, a Rock Star!! Sounds like it would fit me!


Which extracurricular activities would you participate in at school? Cross Country!!! Maybe Drama!?!?




V, you absolutely rock, and I think you’d be awesome at either! It’s been my pleasure to chat with you! Hopefully, mommy will bring me out to Mansfield to see you again one day!

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