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Our parkrun week in pictures, September 28th 2019

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Is that Fall we feel in the air? Perhaps the temperatures are cooling but our passion for parkrun is as hot as ever. With the number of regular runners participating this weekend close to our all time high, we enter a new season with much to look forward to. Four new parkrun USA parkrun events start in October, two of them next weekend. Here’s your parkrun USA roundup for the last weekend in September, enjoy!




Blazing a trail at Byxbee parkrun CA, Coraline beams with happiness on her second parkrun.


dad and son



‘Come on Dad, follow me!’ This young parkrunner takes Dad through his paces at Clermont parkrun, FL.




Injury doesn’t have to exclude you from participating at parkrun- Katie took the watch as timekeeper on Saturday and had a band of enthusiastic volunteers around her- Misha (left) cheering husband Marc completing his 50th parkrun. Dottie (and seeing-eye dog Trista) were barcode scanners, while son and daughter-in-law ran the trail together. Kerry and Brianna are UMD Public Health students who are volunteering to find out about community health initiatives- what a fabulous community at College Park parkrun MD!




Pushing your precious cargo around for 5k is an extraordinary workout so huge kudos to this amazing mommy at Crissy Field Parkrun in San Francisco.




And to this determined mommy at Deep Run parkrun Richmond VA.




Happy one year anniversary to Depot Park parkrun. This community is growing and thriving. Depot Park was built upon a polluted industrial site and has led to a transformation of part of Gainesville, FL. Read more about Depot Park parkrun here




A very special first-timer this week at Des Moines Creek parkrunin the Pacific Northwest. Earl Harper got to run the event that he co-directs for the very first time, on DMC parkrun’s 68th event. Thank you, Earl!




Well, that’s one way of commanding attention as Run Director, at Durham parkrun! Their 320th event, on which they set a record for returnees!




Celebrating Nelson Mandela’s legacy and what would be his 101st birthday at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun in DC with folks from the South African Embassy. Sedwyn on the left is a regular at Fletcher’s Cove and Zama was Run Director. They pulled together a special event, with a massive 40 first timers!




A lovely initiative at Jamaica Pond parkrun in Boston MA, a visitors board! Another way to make our visitors feel welcome at parkrun USA!




Hands up at Louisville Parks Joe Creason parkrun in Louisville KY! No reason, we just want to see you do it! Oh alright. Simon Says, put your hands up if you love parkrun? Oh look at that! Excuse me! Person at the back! You are out, I did say ‘Simon Says…’




What is parkrun without the much needed calorie replacement afterwards? Ian and his son Henry enjoying the yummy post parkrun breakfast at Kensington parkrun MD.




Signs of Fall at Leakin Park parkrun, Baltimore MD. All cheered on the 3,000th runner after 116 events!




A rain hat and a power walk were required at Lillie parkrun Ann Arbor MI for Avi! What’s a little rain for our most dedicated parkrunners?!



T’was a dark and stormy night…. but that did not deter the brave souls that ventured out at Livonia parkrun MI, ready to risk their feet in the puddles. Tim Gallagher sported his South African t-shirt in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s Birthday.




As the leaves on the trees start to change color at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller parkrun in Woodstock VT, this happy band of volunteers provide the support and the jazz hands to the parkrunners and walkers.




At McAllister parkrun IN, don’t let the look of things fool you. Volunteers are incredibly stressed and on tenterhooks just waiting for you to come back through the finish line! No time for socializing, making friends, discussing the week…at all!




It was Perrigo parkrun ‘s 16th event, and the temperatures have dropped in Washington, but the PBs all climbed! Great going!




Ranee has missed only two parkruns since they started in Rec Plex North parkrun in Pensacola, Florida. Ranee used to be into competitive walking until her walking partner sadly passed away. Now at parkrun, she looks forward to the weekly camaraderie fostered by parkrun and meeting the volunteers and participants. She also greatly enjoys the peaceful walk in the woods.




A great week for Renton parkrun WA…first they just had to agree which direction they wanted to go in…



All gathering in for a group photo at Rock Creek Trail parkrun OR on their fourth event, where Chris set a new course record!





Congratulations to Jason and Mia at Roosevelt Island parkrun in DC on completing 50 parkruns and barkruns!




A fun family outing for all! Forget board game night… bring out the fun and competitiveness in your family, just like this family at Sippo Lake parkrun in Canton OH.




Big thumbs up from this parkrunner at South Boulder Creek parkrun CO where they ran their last 8am event of the year- an extra one hour in bed from next week, yippee!




At Terry Hershey parkrun in Houston Texas, this week they welcomed people from Australia, the UK, Switzerland and California to name a few! One of the Australians even acted as Tail Walker, swinging not only the cool tail, but an Australian flag to cheer the runners on!




What a glorious feeling at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun, completing 5k while the sun rises over Florida, enjoying the shade of the palm trees. See you next week!

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