News - 9th October 2019

New Events Update


It’s time for our quarterly update on the development of existing and new parkrun communities across the US.


In April we were about to launch event #30. Now we’re looking forward to event #42. That’s a 40% increase in just 6 months!


We regularly hear from parkrun event teams that creating a supportive weekly event for their community is an incredibly rewarding experience. If you could help in your community, we would love to hear from you.



Des Moines Creek parkrun, Des Moines, WA


At parkrun USA we want to help create healthy communities throughout the US, reflecting the full diversity of the country. From big cities to small towns. From east to west and everywhere in between. And parkrun is for everybody: kids, seniors, runners and walkers.


It can seem daunting to put on a well-organized 5K event in your community every single week, year round. But parkrun makes it surprisingly easy to do.



South Boulder Creek parkrun, Boulder, CO


The key ingredients of any parkrun event are a venue, a team, and a community.


You need a place where you can map out a 5K course, without roads or other safety hazards. If there’s a nearby place to go for a post-parkrun coffee meetup then so much the better.


You need a rotating team of volunteers who share the job of putting on the event each week. Events typically start with a handful of volunteers, but the volunteer pool expands over time to include hundreds of community members.



Lillie parkrun, Ann Arbor, MI


And you need a community that is interested in having a free, weekly event to help bring them together for supportive, healthy activity. It’s at least as much about bringing your community together as it is about serving an existing community of runners. A high proportion of parkrunners were not involved in organized running or walking events before coming to parkrun.


For more information see our parkrun USA Introduction.



For a larger version of the map click here.


In the map, yellow dots are cities where there is already a live parkrun event. Of course, this needn’t stand in the way of starting more events in the same city. The Washington DC – Baltimore area has 6 parkruns already, with more on the way.


Blue dots are cities where plans for a new event are well advanced, and we’re looking forward to a launch in the coming months.


Red dots are cities where serious planning is underway and a team has started to form. In some cities the plans are well advanced and regular informal meetups are underway. But in every location we’d love to hear from others who can get involved.


Interested? Got questions? Drop us a line at



College Park parkrun, College Park, MD


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