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Barkrunner profile – Scout

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Hello all – Foxy here with another fab barkrunner interview.  This time, we are taking the country roads to Charleston, West Virginia to meet the adventurous Scout!
Scout, could you tell us about yourself? 
My name is Scout, and I’ll turn 8 on December 18.  My fur mom is a Husky and my fur dad is an Australian Shepherd from Florida. I took the long journey to West Virginia with my sister to my forever home with my human mom Shannon and human brother Hayden. My mom found out about Charleston WV parkrun, and we go every chance we get! 


How did you start running?
We started off hiking, a lot! We love the woods, but mom decided to start taking me on her runs in 2014. We even entered races, and I got my picture taken. I love all the attention. 
With your stellar blue eyes and winning grin, I bet you get lots of camera love!  So, where do you like to run?
I love to run in downtown Charleston with parkrun. I get so excited that I’m jumping around hours before! I get to run with my friends, and I love that there is grass I can run in while my mom is safe on the sidewalk. I also love that they think of us barkrunners and leave water out for us to drink. They don’t do that at the races, even though there are water tables for humans.  I also love when someone takes the time to pet me and making new barkrunner friends!
Those parkrunners sure know the right spots to pet! Any tips for barkrunners visiting Charleston parkrun?
It can get hot so my mom bought me this cooling vest for really hot mornings.  She also makes sure to have plenty of bags just in case I need to make a pit stop, but if she runs out, the park has extras and plenty of trash cans.  There are also two, yes TWO, water dishes just for barkrunners. One at the start, and one in the middle. I love that they think of us. There is one part of the course that I dislike and that is going over the bridge. I don’t like the noise and the humans have to be careful because it has uneven sidewalks — so you need to watch your step there. 
Also, no need to worry about getting lost on the path – I mark every tree, light post, sign or trash can to make sure you can find your way. I also have a great nose so I take the time to sniff every item I find to make sure it’s safe. Sometimes this makes mom a little annoyed — I see her looking at her watch as she is jogging in place and I hear her say, “again.” But safety comes first! 


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Darn right – we pups take our jobs seriously! So, tell me, what other activities do you enjoy — what makes West Virginia wild and wonderful?  
West Virginia has some amazing woods and waters to explore. Mom and I do lots together. We love hiking, camping, and kayaking! Although I wasn’t that big on kayaking at first because I don’t like to swim, I love it now! I get to lay down and take a great nap when I’m not being a lifeguard to my human brother and his friends. I also love going on day trips to explore some new area — mom always ends up giving me all the jerky she has stuffed in her backpack! I love that there are so many places that allow her to bring me so that I’m not stuck at home.    
Wow, you are so outdoorsy! Now, tell me about the country roads – do they make you car sick?  
No way! Although some of the curves are like being on a roller coaster!  I have learned how to lean into the curve so that I don’t slip like I used to as a pup.  I also watch mom’s feet and know which pedal is the break.  When I see her push this one, I brace myself.  She keeps reminding me that she is not a bad driver so I should stop looking at her feet!  When it’s safe, I can stick my head out the window and let the wind blow my fur.  Mom slows down just so I can enjoy the feeling of flying! 


Scout hiking
Yeah, I now have a hammock so I don’t fall between the car seats!  All right, lightning round time!
Your best party trick? 
Everyone seems to get a kick out of me ringing the little bell on the door to go outside – mom can hear it anywhere in the house.  I have also learned how to roll the car window down and it becomes a game between me and mom.  Mom rolls them up, I roll them down.  Mom rolls them up, I roll them down.  My brother finds this extremely funny.  I also like to brush my teeth with my brother.  The toothpaste tastes like bubblegum!
Oh yummy – mine tastes like peanut butter!  Best spot in your house?
Right beside my human family.  No matter where they are. 
Good answer!  Favorite treat? 
Mom gives me Dino Bones and says they are good for brushing my teeth.  My brother gives me these heart bones cause he loves me.  I also get some yummy snacks from our neighbor — I look for him every time I go outside. 
Oh nice – my neighborhood has a guy like that too!  Your superhero?
Military and police dogs.  They are pretty smart and save many lives. 
Very true.  They deserve our gratitude and respect for their service.  
Superpower you’d love?
Levitation.  Mom keeps my dog treats in the cabinet above the sink, and I can’t reach it. Although I jump really high, I just can’t make it. 
I guess I’m lucky that my puppy pantry is below the counter!  Your favorite recovery fuel?
We go to McDonald’s after barkrun and I get sausage!  
#JEALOUS!  Thoughts on kitties?
I love all animals.  We have wild animals that come to our house every night, and I try to make friends but they run away.  Mom lets me chase the ducks, but I have to be nice to the rabbits.  

Only when your mom is looking, right?  

Okay, anything else you’d like to share before we wrap up?
Not that I can think of.  This has been fun, but I think I need a nap now.  Or maybe I can give my brother some sad eyes and he will get ice cream.  Mom always gives me one when he gets one. 
Good luck on that!  You are one fine fella Scout.  Thank you for your time!


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