News - 6th January 2020

A home from home


Monica Swords and her family relocated to Mansfield, Ohio. Keen to keep the kids active and meet new friends, they were looking for a way to combine both with the great outdoors… Enter parkrun!


3 years ago, my family moved over an hour away from where we have always lived due to a job change for my husband.


Right after moving, we discovered there was a parkrun starting up and it was less than half a mile away from our new house. We are homeschoolers, so we decided to check it out and use the time as our physical education requirement.





Damian (9) and Reagan (6) have now completed more than 50 parkruns with me, as well as volunteering. Logan (13) has completed 10 parkruns and volunteered more than 50 times. Between the 4 of us, we have well over 160 parkruns and are still going strong!


3 years ago, we knew no one in our new town. But thanks to parkrun and the amazing people at the Mansfield, Ohio location, we now have people who are more like family to us.


Monica Swords

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