News - 10th January 2020

Friendship and teamwork at Leakin Park


Leakin Park parkrun in West Baltimore, Maryland, has been part of the parkrun family since June 2017.


They’ve welcomed almost 1,000 different people to their event in that time, but as Thomas Hornik explains, it’s the friendships and teamwork that are making a real difference.


On a weekly basis, we at Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore, Maryland, have the wonderful opportunity to team with the Friends of Gwynns Falls Leakin Park (FOGFLP).


The FOGFLP was established in 1983 to advocate for the park as a public resource with historical buildings, hiking and biking trails, recreational facilities, and an educational center while preserving the park’s delicate environmental balance.


Since Leakin Park is one of the United States’ largest wilderness preserves in a major urban area, FOGFLP is committed to making the park accessible to a variety of users.




Since 2017, the Leakin Park parkrun core team and members of FOGFLP have formed a mutually beneficial relationship in pursuit of celebrating the park and making the park accessible to the community.


Our parkrun’s success relies upon the volunteerism of its supporters, and the members of FOGFLP have been the most consistent volunteers with Ed, Jo, Bridget, and Art combining for more than 250 volunteer efforts.


Jo and Bridget are parkrunners, too, often prioritizing their volunteer efforts over opportunities to run, and they remain constant voices for our parkrun with Baltimore City and Baltimore County by advocating for improvements to our Winan’s Meadow location and the park at large.


The friendliness, the personality, and the extra care for the park that our FOGFLP members provide make them more than just partners and volunteers for our parkrun. As the Marshal at our turnaround point for over 80 events – more than half of our total parkrun events – Ed has more than earned our naming of his spot as “Mt. Orser.”


Not to be outdone (and yet remaining all but anonymous to our parkrun participants), we have George who, with chainsaw in hand, stealthily keeps our parkrun path and surrounding areas free, clear, and safe for our participants.


The Leakin Park parkrun core team is honored and fortunate to have such a strong partnership with FOGFLP. We encourage other parkruns

to find a dedicated partner to work with!


Thomas Hornik
Leakin Park parkrun

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