News - 1st April 2020

Six ways to recreate parkrun at home


After 15 years of parkrun taking place every single week, like us, you’re probably missing your Saturday morning routine


We’ve come up with six ways you can recreate the parkrun experience whilst staying safe in the comforts of your own home…



1. Put on your kit and represent


We’re all spending the vast majority of our time at home, staying safe and following the social distancing advice and rules set out by the public health experts – that means it can be easy to spend all day in your pyjamas!


To get you up and dressed and keep the parkrun juices flowing, put on your milestone tee, get your barcode handy and represent parkrun on your daily exercise!


Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 13.09.20


2. Keep calm and warm up!


The perks of social media mean we can all stay connected around the world, without leaving the sofa.


But if you’re struggling to hit your old daily step targets because your commute now involves walking from bed to the kitchen table, it can be easy to become lethargic and inactive.


Fear not! There are tons of amazing videos and live streams every day that you can join, but for an extra special parkrun event, join the parkrun family warm-up every Sunday morning!




Each week we’ll have a brand new warm-up for the whole family to try together in the safety and comforts of your garden or living room.


It’s been heartwarming to see all your photos! If you’ve missed any of our warm-ups so far, you can view them here.




3. How many laps?


For those who want to get a run in without leaving your house, space can be limited – you might only have your living room, patio or small garden.


Well that didn’t stop Matt, who still wanted to get his 5k parkrun ticked off for the week…


As you can see, laps were music to his ears as he completed the first unofficial 45243552432-lap parkrun around his garden!




4. Get crafty!


At the moment we can’t get out to our local parkrun courses with all our friends for a free, weekly, timed walk, jog or run – so the next best thing is to make it!


Carmen from Northala Fields parkrun has been using Lego to recreate her home parkrun…




Meanwhile, Enfield junior parkrun got creative. What do you do when you have all your parkrun event’s kit, but you have to stay home?


Build it in your garden for your family!


As they nicely summed it up: There are some advantages of having a parkrun in the boot of your car!




5. Have a coffee and a chat


As we always say, parkrun was never really about the run – it was always about the coffee and the social side, being with friends in the outdoors.


We may not be able to meet-up and walk, jog, run and volunteer together for the foreseeable future, but we can still put the kettle on and have a coffee and chat thanks to the wonders of technology.




And with the spring weather slowly starting to materialise as we enter April, you can always have your post-nonparkrun breakfast outside with your cuddly parkrun friends.


That’s just what Alness parkrun did – just don’t expect much conversation!





If that’s not enough, for those who want to spice up the post-nonparkrun coffee, you can also join our weekly Great Big parkrun Quiz over on our YouTube channel.



6. Go back to school – parkrun style!


parkrun may be out for the time being, but the School of parkrun is here. We have just launched the School of parkrun as a way to set daily parkrun-themed tasks for children of all ages and the whole family to try together.


Every morning, Monday-Friday, we’ll post a new video with your challenge for the day, covering English, Maths, Science, Geography and Art.


You can find all the tasks so far here. Homework has never been so fun!





All joking aside, it’s important to stay home and stay safe, and follow the social distancing advice from the public health experts.


You can share all of your nonparkrunday photos and videos with us using #nonparkrunday – We promise parkrun will be back!

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