News - 9th April 2020

The new parkruns that wait

Canyon Rim Trail

Coronavirus has put parkruns globally on hold which means we are all missing out on our regular weekly dose of 5km fun and coffee.


The pause on existing events hasn’t stopped us from working with teams working on new parkrun developments, however!


When we work with new teams, we explain that we need three things to launch:


-       A team

-       A 5km course

-       The permissions to do it.


There are a few other things we discuss but those are the three big items and we need them move ahead.


As the Coronavirus situation was developing, we were very excited to get the following four events scheduled in our calendar.


This is not indicative to us re-opening events soon because we still need the situation to stable and get the all clear from government and park officials.


However, it may be of interest to find out where we are almost set to launch new events…


Danehy Park 2


Daheny Park parkrun, Cambridge, MA

Original scheduled start date 21-March-20


Set to be the second parkrun in the Boston area, this will be an asset to the famous running city.  The team, put together in late 2019, is made up from marathon and half marathon runners, walkers, triathletes from the local area.  They are set and raring to go having put together eleven test runs.


The event has great support and we can’t wait to see it compliment the community.  Set in Cambridge, Danehy park is built on the former site of a landfill from the 1970s, and is now enjoyed by bikers, runners, walkers, soccer and softball players.


While the team is on lockdown: Drew is working from home while changing diapers; Mindy and Harvey, the husband-wife couple are helping Harvard professors use Zoom; Becky is patrolling the lab corridors at MIT to make sure the freezers stay on without a hitch; and Ben is in Watertown ensuring vulnerable people get the care they need!


Canyon Rim Trail 2


Canyon Rim Trail parkrun, Twin Falls, ID 

Original scheduled start date 28-March-20


Set in the backdrop of stunning scenery, this parkrun is well prepared!


Located near the Twin Falls Visitor Center, this event will be popular with both visitors and locals.  The team have been doing test events since December and has proved a hit with the locals.


Twin Falls is located on the South Rim of the Snake River Canyon, and is where Evel Knievel attempted to jump across the canyon in 1974 on a steam-powered rocket.


Peace Valley


Peace Valley parkrun, Bucks County, PA

Original scheduled start date 25-April-20


A short out and back course alongside a beautiful lake, this is sure to be a new favourite thing to do for locals.


The team have been super enthusiastic to get this over the line as they have been braving the course all winter in preparation.


Peace Valley puts Pennsylvania on the parkrun map which it’s first event!




Creekside parkrun, Archdale, NC

Original scheduled start date 11-April-20


Weaving in and out of a park consisting of a public library, a welding centre, a community College, a senior centre, a recreation center, and some luscious tree sections, this parkrun will keep you entertained.


In Spring each year there is an active Baseball season which will keep eager catchers on their toes!


We can’t wait for you to be able to visit these parkruns.  For our latest status on Covid-19, please keep an eye on our news page where we will be updating every Tuesday.



Euan Bowman

Territory Manager, North America

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