News - 6th May 2020

Mom and Daughter parkrunners


Brooke and Joyce are Mom and Daughter parkrunners. They tell us how their parkrun journey took them from Michigan to North Carolina, via Italy.


They also tell us how excited they are to be part of the new Creekside parkrun once parkrun resumes!


I first learned about parkrun early in 2019 while planning a visit with my daughter, Brooke, who lives in Michigan. We enjoy participating in 5K events together, so I began searching for 5Ks during the time of my visit and stumbled upon information about Lillie parkrun in Ann Arbor.


Although we weren’t able to participate in Lillie parkrun on that visit, the information I passed along to Brooke prompted her to check it out a few months later. Coincidentally, some of her graduate school friends were also participating, and she became a frequent parkrunner.


Fast forward several months and a family trip finally gave us an opportunity to participate together at Milano Nord parkrun in Milan, Italy—my first parkrun and Brooke’s first as a parkrun tourist.


I was recovering from surgery to repair my meniscus, and I was thankful for the friendly Tail Walker and supportive atmosphere. Because of these aspects, I believe parkrun is a great opportunity for persons of any ability to get active, and I thought it would be a great public health initiative for my rural hometown in North Carolina.




The only parkrun event in NC is in Durham, which is over an hour away, so I started exploring how to bring parkrun to central North Carolina.


Meanwhile, Brooke and I enjoyed three other parkruns together—Durham NC parkrun, Roosevelt Island parkrun in D.C., and finally Brooke’s home parkrun, Lillie parkrun, where our parkrun journey began.


In the quest to start a parkrun in my community, I knew Creekside Park in Archdale, NC, was the perfect location. The park is beautiful with a well-maintained paved path, and its location makes it easily accessible from its own and surrounding counties.


In January this year, plans began to come to fruition when officials at Creekside Park wholeheartedly approved use of the park, and a team of volunteers was formed to facilitate the new event. Creekside parkrun was set to begin April 11, 2020, but our inaugural event is on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our volunteers stand ready to bring parkrun to central NC when parkruns resume in the United States, and I believe we will have a newfound appreciation for the community and togetherness that parkrun provides.


Brooke is excited to check a new parkrun off of her parkrun tourism bucket list, and I’m excited to run another parkrun with my daughter!

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