News - 25th June 2020

Arty shoes and helping turtles – a round up


As New Zealand prepares to return to parkrun next Saturday, here in the States we wait for conditions to stabilize and for officials to give the OK to return (as per our covid statement)


Our parkrun communities are remaining active, particularly with the launch of (not)parkrun which has been complementing many of event’s own virtual series.  Here are some highlights of what has been going on around the country:


-       Leakin Park turn three this Saturday, and have been encouraging people to post photos of their socially distant runs and walks on their facebook page.  Photo from last year!





-       Other parkruns celebrating anniversaries in June are Perrigo (2), Oak Grove(2), Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller (2), Livonia (9), Deep Run (4), Heritage Harbour (4), Des Moines Creek (3), and Durham NC (7).


-       Last week we had 181 (not)parkruns across the country, including 17 representing Delaware and Raritan Canal, and 9 at Creekside which is one of the parkruns we have stuck at the start line.


-       Byxbee parkrun have been getting arty with their running shoes! Clearly with all the time on Saturday morning not at parkrun, there is a good opportunity for creating art!




-       Charleston parkrun have been able to meet for in person coffee as local restrictions have lifted enough for some groups to meet in person and for coffee shops to open.


-       Fletchers Cove virtual parkrun tourism continues this week with a Zoom call with parkrun Poznan in Poland!  See their facebook page for details if you want to join.


-       The team at Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun have been entertainingly keepingus up to date with their their park-activities each week.  Ranging from Fathers Day running to Turtle Walking!





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