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The Mighty Anacostia parkrun / (not) parkrun – Washington, DC


We all have circles of connections in our lives: your work folk, your family, your classmates, pals who you served with – then there’s this gathering on Saturday mornings on the banks of the Mighty Anacostia river where for a brief moment a parkrun flag is raised – calling a group of folk to Washington, D.C. from around the DMV: District-Maryland-Virginia.


Assignments are confirmed, yellow vests are put on, new faces are welcomed: talking – walking – running – chatting – sharing – celebrating – supporting – laughing – crying - getting to know each other - we’re a community.  Now we’re having coffee – conversing – making plans for the next week – when we’ll get together again – and welcome some new folks – see a few regulars – and smile and call out greetings when an every-once-in-awhiler shows up.  This community has created a space for that to happen – here’s what that can look like – quotes and images from Mighty Anacostia parkrunners – now (not) parkrunners:


  • “When I started parkrun, I knew I’d be getting to do a 5K… what I didn’t know was the community I was becoming part of that cheers, inspires, and roots for me just as much (even more) than I do for myself!!!”
  • “Anacostia was my introduction to parkrun. Everyone was so welcoming to my mom & I, two out-of-towners in DC for the cherry blossoms. Mom walked with one of the volunteers and learned that they both went to Russell Sage.”
  • “parkrun means having camaraderie while I try to break my own records. It’s like-minded people enjoying the thrill of brisk run, snow or sun. It’s the warmth of seeing children take on an adult challenge, the valor of our older folk expressing their inner child. Genuine smiles. Dedicated volunteers.”
  • “Thank you guys for always welcoming and encouraging me week after week! It’s also been fun seeing some familiar park run faces during my daily runs! Tyae and I have missed running with this group!”
  • “A wonderful community of beautiful people looking out for one another. We also traverse 3.1 miles.
  • “It’s been too long without a spirit affirming smile from my parkrun family.  Stay strong all, and we will be meeting to run safely again outside in the fresh air!”
  • “What community means to me?  Community is caring and sharing together.  It is UNITY, all races UNITED as ONE!”
  • “More than a running community the Anacostia parkrun is a family. A group that is there for each other, to celebrate births and mourn losses, a group of folks who on Saturday morning may be on their first of many volunteering events of the weekend, a group of wildly cheering fans of 8 year old girls on their way to a new PB. The running community has made me a better runner. Anacostia parkrun family has made me a better person.”
  • “I have been a member of the Anacostia parkrun group for about a year and a half. It only took one run for me to realize how special this group is. Everyone is so welcoming, fun and incredibly supportive no matter how fast or slow you are. It is what the definition of community is. I love the friends and connections I have made. parkrun has become a big part of my life.”
  • “These stressful times just confirm how vital the essence of parkrun is to me: the supportive, encouraging, and all-inclusive community practicing and promoting healthy habits.”
  • “Same river – any weather – new faces – same faces – always many smiles! During these world moments of life pause & transitions – I have faith from the community building that I find in the world – beautifully happening on the Anacostia with all of my parkrun pals!”

Whether you sprint or walk, you will not find a warmer group of people to encourage and to motivate you.  The Mighty Anacostia – welcome back, welcome for the first time, just welcome.


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