News - 21st January 2021

Three tips for maintaining motivation


Have you ever heard of ‘Blue Monday’?! It tends to rear its head after about three weeks of trying to change our lifestyle habits, or do something a little bit different. We’ve got some handy advice to keep you on track, and help you celebrate your success so far.


It’s that time when your motivation can take a real dip after an enthusiastic and energetic start. It might not always be a Monday, but it’s common for people to feel a bit blue.


Despite committing to The parkrun Resolution, some people might be finding it mentally quite hard and unsettling at the moment. Maybe you’ve realised that you’ve got less time than you thought or can’t quite summon up the enthusiasm to do what you’d planned.


If you feel like this, it’s important not to put additional stress and pressure on yourself, even if you’re finding that your motivation has waned a little and you can’t seem to tick the boxes you’d like. It’s also worth remembering that you’re not alone, it’s normal to experience these emotions but please don’t let it derail you from your path. Things will get better!


Instead of thinking that you need to show more willpower or push yourself a little bit more physically, give yourself permission to ride the highs and the lows. In other words, go with the ebb and flow of your parkrun Resolution and see it as part of a journey that has both ups and downs. Accept that these will happen, and simply vow to take a step forward – maybe a smaller step than you had planned – whenever you can rather than come to a complete stop. For example, you might have intended to do a run but, for whatever reason, that just isn’t possible. So maybe you can opt to do a short walk instead, even downloading the Strive for Five walking plan if you feel you might need some guidance. Or if you find that it’s challenging to commit to exercising for 20minutes, maybe you could opt to do 10minutes and instead of berating yourselves for what you haven’t done, give yourself a huge pat on the back for what you have managed to achieve.


The aim of The parkrun Resolution journey should, first and foremost, be to boost our wellbeing and our overall health – mentally and physically. That might mean focusing on controlling the doubts, managing any negative self-talk and feeling comfortable when things might not be going according to plan.


Here are three ways to help you do just that:


The first, get some control and assurance around what you are doing by establishing a routine that really works for you to regularly do your parkrun Resolution. Don’t make it so difficult that it’s really problematic to stick to.


Secondly, try changing something and mixing up what you are doing. Bring in some variety. Adapting and flexing isn’t failure, it’s progression.


And finally, ask for some help and encouragement if you need it. Seek it out, reach out for support. Talking, sharing, confiding and spending time interacting with others – whether that be online, on the phone or even in person if restrictions allow  – is the most important gift you can give yourself. Maybe you could even join the parkrun Resolution group via your parkrun profile page. It’s a simple step that might help you feel part of a community. You are not on your own, we are all in it together.


Just do whatever you can each day, even if it means slowing down a little and taking a breather. Be kind to yourself, and to others who may also be struggling too. Before you know it you would have reached the halfway point in your parkrun Resolution journey – and that is a real cause for celebration!




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