News - 25th February 2021

The parkrun Resolution journey


At the start of 2021 we launched The parkrun Resolution. An eight week New Year campaign to inspire, motivate and share some positivity. As the campaign draws to a close, we look back at the past eight weeks.


There has been expert blogs, a video series from expert running coach Martin Yelling, an abundance of parkrunner stories, plus we shared a brand new walking programme, for anyone thinking about starting their journey to 5k.


We’ve now reached the end of The parkrun Resolution journey. For everyone who joined us and made their own #parkrunresolution, well done. You did it.


It was great to see so many getting involved, despite the challenging times.


The parkrun Resolution stories include Helen, who did a (not)parkrun or a parkwalk every day, while Amanda credits The parkrun Resolution for helping her get back on track after losing her mojo.


The Brighton Table Tennis Club set up a special #parkrunresolution to collectively walk and run the distance from their club in Brighton to Kames Farm, Oban, Scotland and back, after they had a trip planned there for the summer of 2020 that couldn’t go ahead. And Jude’s #parkrunresolution was to get some fresh air everyday


As with any journey, it’s important to take some time to reflect on how far you have come, what you’ve learned about yourself and maybe about those around you too.


What were the challenges? Did you have any struggles and, if so, how did you overcome them? What were the high points? What are you most proud of? Think carefully about all those things and maybe write them down. As our memory fades, having things in black and white always helps remind us of what we have learnt and achieved.


As we have said so often throughout the past eight weeks, we would love for you to connect with those around you. Whether you reach out to people online or are able to be together in person, take the time to celebrate the shared nature of the journey and achievements.


We never get to the start or the finish line alone, and reaching the end of The parkrun Resolution gives us the chance to thunderously commemorate the value of community.


Making positive change, and sustaining it, isn’t always easy but the beauty of the journey often lies in that challenge. The last eight weeks have shown us the importance of setting ambitious, yet realistic goals; of accepting and learning from the lows and celebrating the highs; of connecting with our surroundings and with others; of breaking a journey up into many small, manageable steps and, most importantly, showing us that that we are all capable of more than we ever think possible.


As we approach spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the south, we hope that you are filled with a new lease of life: feeling better about today and hopeful about tomorrow.


Although The parkrun Resolution has come to an end, we always love to hear from you. Were you one of the nearly 1,000 people who joined The parkrun Resolution group? Eighteen countries are represented, with almost 30,000 (not)parkruns logged globally by those in the group.


650 (not)parkruns have been logged by parkrun Resolutioners who have not yet been to their first parkrun


Maybe you could share what you have done and experienced over the past eight weeks, send it to us directly here or use hashtag #parkrunresolution on social media. We’d love to see your photos, and also hear more about what you are planning to do in the months and years ahead to build on what you have achieved.


If you are looking for a little bit of support to be more active over the coming weeks or months, maybe you could follow the parkrun Strive for Five walking plan, which will help you progress to walking 5k over eight weeks. If parkrun events have restarted in your territory why not head down and walk, jog, run or volunteer, or do a (not)parkrun if you’re keen to log a 5k time on a course and day of your own choosing.


As The parkrun Resolution draws to a close, we hope everyone who took part feels incredibly proud; we’re proud of you. Well done on everything you have achieved.


Of course, we hope the campaign is just the start of a much longer journey of self discovery, of implementing lifestyle changes, of building confidence and of achieving new goals, for everyone who took part.




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