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Boulder Running


In January we heard from Sam Bennett who when Covid restrictions began last March, was lucky enough to be able to carry on running, with friends and has been targeting running every day for a year.
This week we hear from Sam, how it’s going in Colorado and an update on his challenge!


On March 13th Rob, Dave, and I plus others from parkrun came together for run #365. We were expecting several inches of snow from the massive snowstorm heading our way but the weather held off for this historical event.


I even got a medal!




The next day, that snow storm we expected came in and it became the 4th biggest snowstorm in CO since records began.


Run #366!


Gisela joined Sam for his 365th run and had this to recount:


We knew about the approaching snowstorm for a few days. I made sure we weren’t going to starve and possibly run out of wine! The storm even held off until Sam had finished his 365th consecutive run since the quarantine started.  Finally it started snowing on Saturday evening and didn’t stop well into the night of Sunday. Apparently, it was the 4th biggest blizzard in Colorado history. It is always fun to see the flakes piling up, not so much when you have to dig yourself out again.  Typical for Colorado, the sun was out on Monday and the big melt has started. The moisture was desperately needed.  I used the snowy Sunday to browse the internet and finally booked a beach vacation in Mexico. There is only so much winter I can tolerate!

The next major target is run #500 which will be on July 26th. I’ll run together my parkrun buddy from Wimbledon Common who will be visiting us – on his 72nd birthday no less .


Recent Events


Boulder is still reeling from the events a few weeks ago – but all of our friends, runners, parkrunners are accounted for. This one was a bit too close to home …


Many of us realise that we blow our Boulder trumpet at every opportunity but many here actually believe that we live in the best place in the US .  We have something called the “Boulder Bubble” so when something like this happens, it’s seems so inconceivable that it could happen to us.


Quite a few of our friends live in the area of the supermarket … and, pre-Covid, this strip mall is where we hold our post parkrun breakfast which is about 200 yards away from the supermarket

One of my parkrun running buddies who can normally only run with me on weekends called the day after and needed someone to run with.


It did make me realise how important it is to have friends around you … which is why we all love parkrun so much.


He did get the biggest “outside of family” hug since Covid ruled our lives


… and I never even gave it a thought that it was consecutive not parkrun #375 …  a mini milestone that pales into insignificance this week.


Stay safe …

Sam Bennett,

South Boulder Creek Co-Event Director

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