News - 18th June 2021

Reignited Communities


We have some great snippets from parkrun’s across the USA since we restarted.  You have been posting lots and lots on social media and we love seeing them!  Here’s a great selection that came through:


A brand new parkrun!  We’ll have a profile of Utah’s first event in a couple of weeks, but a big congratulations on Jon and his team pulling of a very successful first event in Parowan.  The course does a loop around the Valentine Peak Sports complex and parkrunners take in the beautiful sights of the Utah mountains!


Valentine Peak 1


At Roosevelt Island DC parkrun they have had a great relaunch with a consistent field showing up on Saturday. The real achievements have been the volunteers with a new Run Director Patrick O’Neil (not pictured) successfully managing an event, and a completely new volunteer (pictured) taking on the first timers briefing!


Roosevelt Island 1


The Cicadas have been out in full force and have been joining in at our North Eastern parkruns.  At Kensington parkrun they were been eaten by the dogs, and the participants were grateful to be able to take them in.  As noted in the run report, Kensington parkrun is on target to be at #990 before the next wave comes in 17 years!!



Take a last look before these creatures are next out in 2038! 


At Rec Plex North parkrun, volunteers have been helping outside of Saturday mornings and in other ways by helping out with maintenance on the trail.  According to their Facebook feed, they were ‘straightening out an S bend’ making running easier, and it seems the wider community have been very grateful!  Here are Jim, David, Caleb, Robin with Don doing the photography here.


201023348_2914193435490457_485153516401816707_n 200214426_2914193515490449_8571287075899231182_n


At Lillie parkrun they have been facing some incredible humidity.  At 68 degrees there is room for more heat but according to their run report this week, at 90% it felt like they were running under water!  The event has been getting a great attendance with 68 runners, and 10 first timers at the weekend.




Finally for this week, South Boulder Creek have had a very steady return since the end of May, and co-ED Sam (on the right) must be relieved to have it back as to mark the absence of parkrun, he’s been running every day.  You can find out what happened with that here.




Keep posting your photos and stories online, it is wonderful to see them after a 14 month absence!


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