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Independence Day Celebrations

Sippo Lake2021-07-05 at 14.28.48 4

Events across the country were celebrating the 4th July last week, and while the occasion normally calls for fireworks, parades, BBQs, fairs and picnics, parkruns were finding their own unique way to mark the occasion.

Flags, Flags, Flags and more Flags!!  Flags on the course, flags on T-shirts, and Flags chalked on the ground.  Durham NC parkrun really got arty with the latter and made their mark!


Durham NC2021-07-05 at 13.59.06


Not shy to wear some Stars and Stripes inspired attire we had Rebecca at College Park, and the crowd at Livonia really got the memo! Carol T, Carol P, Jonah, Suzanne and Annie and there are rumors that even the volunteers got into the spirit!




Canyon Rim Trail, Sippo Lake and Third Creek Greenway were thrilled Independence Day was only 1 day away so too were flying flags.




Third Creek Greenway has been enjoying the first summer despite having launched in October 2019.  As they pointed out in their run blog, they had their first July event which made us run for the event history pages which confirm the oddity!


The course looks to be really ideal for the hottest months as the route is entirely covered in trees, making it a nice experience in the shade.


The event is the only one operating in Tennessee and being based in Knoxville it’s steadily growing pace and we can’t wait to hear the stories coming out of this event on the other side of summer.


Third Creek Greenway2021-07-05 at 14.32.25 3


Howard Temin Lakeshore Path is looking very sharp in the sunshine!  A bit like Third Creek Greenway, there are too going through their first full summer.




Where was the rain this week?  It seems everywhere avoided it but there was some close calls at Himmel and Depot Park parkruns.  Both had some definite precipitation over the weekend but managed to remain dry for the duration of their events.   We hear at Depot Park the rain kept a few up the night before!




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