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Halloween parkrun week in pictures!


Happy (belated) Halloween! With parkrun falling on the spookiest weekend of the year, event teams around the country geared up for costume themed parkruns. We saw superheroes, monsters, princesses, storybook characters, and everything in between!   We had 44 different events, which is a usa record! Across those events we had 1,786 parkrunners, including 249 first timers and 425 volunteers. It was our biggest day of the year so far, so let’s take a peak at what the day looked like…

fletchers cove 1

Our most notable “wow!” of the weekend was Fletcher’s Cove parkrun’s massive attendance record – 301 parkrunners (from their previous record of 167!). They welcomed students from their local Francis Scott Key Elementary School for a spooky fun run, and boy did it look fun!


creekside 3


Kids were all the rage this past weekend, with Mary K at Creekside parkrun showing us that mermaids CAN in fact run, and finish first too!


lillie 5 jpeg


It was “Kids Takeover Day” at Lillie parkrun (because Halloween just wasn’t scary enough…) and here’s Tim showing Otis and Torsten how to process results! All volunteer roles were filled by kids, supervised by adults when appropriate of course. Otis is the great-grandson of the man that Lillie Park was named after, so he’s pretty much royalty around there!


depot park 2


These two kiddos at Depot Park parkrun got the best end of the deal – participating in all the Halloween costume fun while getting pushed around for a nice ride!


depot park 1


Depot Park parkrun also celebrated their 100th parkrun with a delicious looking cake, fitting the Halloween theme of course.


danehy park 1


Danehy Park parkrun still had everyone in costume despite a rainy morning… And as one parkrunner put it, trying to find Waldo is like trying to find your barcode on parkrun morning!


jamaica pond 1


Danehy Park wasn’t the only event with some rain on Saturday… Neighboring parkrun Jamaica Pond was faced with a wet morning as well, but that didn’t stop 56 parkrunners and 14 volunteers for enjoying their parkrun around Jamaica Pond!


kensington 1


The award for our favorite costume obviously has to go to Eddie at Kensington parkrun who dressed up as a parkrunner! That’s a 10/10 from us!


fletchers cove 3


Ted Lasso even made an appearance at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun! We didn’t see Roy Kent, though, but we’re pretty sure he’d enjoy a parkrun or two!


lillie 3


We also definitely loved the flying Batman at Lillie Park parkrun


mansfield 2


And Karen the pumpkin at Mansfield OH parkrun


leakin park 1


And the Cat in the Hat run director at Leakin Park parkrun


creekside 1


And Mario Kart’s Luigi with Chili the barkrunner at Creekside parkrun


charleston 1


And Wonder Woman flying across the finish line at Charleston WV parkrun


fletchers cove 5


AND the giant dinosaur at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun… Don’t worry kids, we’re 99% confident that it was just a costume!


college park 2


Superman and Clark Kent made an appearance at College Park parkrun, with one very excited barkrunner that didn’t understand why bother taking photos when you can parkrun!!!


lillie 2


And finally a shoutout to these adorable characters at One Hundred Acre Woods Lillie parkrun!


Byxbee 2


In addition to some cool individual costumes around the country, our volunteers went above and beyond (as always!) to facilitate our top notch parkruns! These Byxbee parkrun volunteers were dressed in style out on the course taking photos.


college park 1


College Park parkrun’s volunteers took the Halloween color scheme very seriously in their orange and blacks. Seriously, we love our volunteers!!


fletchers cove 4


Here’s Dan showing everyone at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun what a finish token is… And as cool as it may look it is definitely not a souvenir, and we need them back! Rumor has it despite the giant crowd, they only lost three tokens.


rock creek trail 1


The finish line volunteer crew at Rock Creek Trail parkrun were a spooky sight waiting for the parkrunners to come in!


kensington 2


Volunteers come in all ages! Amelia could be seen cheering on the Kensington parkrunners with pom-poms at the start. If only all events could have their own personal cheerleader…


mansfield 3


The turnaround marshals at Mansfield OH parkrun were in the full Halloween spirit, we sure hope that’s a fake spider!


courthouse lake 1


It was FOGGY in Minnesota, giving us some super spooky *into the fog* vibes at Courthouse Lake parkrun. Their tailwalking crew sure looks like they’re having fun!


creekside 2


Creekside parkrun’s volunteers were dressed up too, with 8 amazing high-vis helping out last weekend – including a cow!


rpn 1


Rec Plex North parkrun had a full team of milestone shirts on display last weekend, with Robin repping a brand new v50 shirt! Robin completed a full year of (not)parkruns since they were first rolled out with Rec Plex North leading the way for the country in total (not)parkruns. You can still do (not)parkruns even now that in-person events are back, a great way to stay motivated!!


livonia 2


And while we’re speaking about milestone shirts… Here’s Spencer modeling his brand new v250 shirt at Livonia parkrun! This is potentially the only one that exists in the country, as there are only two other usa parkrunners who have reached this amazing milestone – fellow Livonia parkrunner Lynn and Julie at Durham NC parkrun. These are some impressive numbers, that’s well over 5 years of consistent parkrun volunteering! Epic!


roosevelt island 2


Eden and Foxy the barkrunner dressed as each other at Roosevelt Island parkrun. Foxy just might be the most seasoned barkrun-tourist, having completed most (if not all!) of the 22 usa parkruns that Eden has done.


livonia 3


Dressing as your barkrunner seems to have been the theme as Lynn and barkrunner Cooper had the same idea at Livonia parkrun! Similar to Foxy, Cooper holds a pretty cool barkrun title himself as the most barkruns done in the us! We’re not sure exactly how many, but he can often be seen loudly trying to give his own run briefing pre-parkrun and pulling Lynn around the course for the first half. (We won’t talk about who needs the pulling at the end though…)


perrigo 1


In exciting news – we got to see the Perrigo barn again! A landmark of Perrigo parkrun, the red barn at the back of their start line photos always puts a smile on our face. And is that another Wonder Woman that we see?


roosevelt island 1


Roosevelt Island parkrun’s run director was a Lego piece and even some of their barkrunners dressed up – we can’t decide what we love more! Roosevelt Island parkrun is celebrating their “unofficial barkrun day” next weekend along with some other events around the country, so bring your four legged pal out with you on Saturday morning, they’ll love you for it!


deep run 1


It was sunny at Deep Run parkrun, and we even spy a rainbow!


weedon island preserve 1


Weedon Island Preserve parkrun had a start line full of Halloween costumes and volunteers last weekend. It’s still warm down in Florida, but let’s take a look at some of the fall colors farther north (because we can’t leave you hanging after last week’s analysis!)


tcg 1


Third Creek Greenway parkrun, although still a bit south, had some fall colors and festive Halloween chalk art!


mansfield 1


Moving a bit farther north from Tennessee to Ohio, Mansfield OH parkrun is still a bit green but the colors are starting to change making for some great backdrop scenery!


BaT 1


Up in Maryland, Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun had quite an autum-leaf covered trail, featuring one adorable pumpkin in a stroller. What do we think, will the colors be peaking next week?


canyon rim trail 1


There may not be autumn leaves in Twin Falls, Idaho but there certainly is one epic canyon! Canyon Rim Trail parkrun had quite the array of Halloween costumes, from superheros to wizards!


lillie 4


And for our “tourist fact of the week” (if that’s a thing), Barbara and Kent from Heritage Harbor parkrun decided to visit Lillie parkrun this weekend as they were visiting family in the area. Matthew and Tricia from Lillie parkrun decided to visit Heritage Harbor parkrun this weekend just for funsies. They must’ve passed each other on I-80!


lillie 6 jpeg


And honestly we can’t think of anything witty to say about this pumpkin other than the fact that it’s pretty cool! So while you continue your day (which is almost certainly improved after seeing all these great parkrun photos!) think about where you’ll be parkrunning next week… Will you be wearing a milestone shirt? Do you know where your barcode is? Will you be bringing your dog? Check back next week for yet another ‘parkrun week in pictures!’

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