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Get ready for a Thanksgiving parkrun


What’s better than Thanksgiving?  A Thanksgiving with parkrun!  Get your barcode ready as you may be able to do an extra parkrun this year on Thursday November 25th. 


In addition to the 52 Saturdays of the year, parkrun events have the option of holding two special events regardless of what day of the week they fall on.  These are New Years Day, and Thanksgiving.


Do check with your local event if they will be holding this extra event.  You can check our special compendium put together on this page.  The page updates as events make their decision known.


The event will be just like a regular parkrun – Same time, same course, same barcode!  If you’ve ever been to a Thanksgiving Day, New Years Day parkrun, or any of the other extra days around the globe (think Canada Day in Canada, or Christmas Day in the UK) then you know how special they are.


New Years Day is on a Saturday this year so technically isn’t a extra event, but do look out for any cancellations.


If you are able to attend parkrun on the 25th or not, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

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