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parkrun Week in Pictures 11/13/2021

des moines creek 1

It was a great weekend across parkrun USA so stop what you’re doing and let’s take a look at our events around the country! We had 43 events hosting a total of 1,721 finishers. That’s our second highest attendance of the year – autumn is perfect parkrunning weather! We had 413 parkrunner volunteers and a whopping 359 first timers. But now, without further ado…. time for the photos!


college park 1


The trail was looking spectacular at College Park parkrun last weekend – look at the colors of those leaves! Their beautiful “tunnel of trees” is a staple of their course, we’re jealous of those who get to see it every week!


fletcher's cove 1


This photo is for all the parkrun fans out there who haven’t yet joined us on a Saturday morning. If you’ve heard about us, even enough to be reading this blog and thinking ‘so what’s all this hype about, anyways?’ this is your sign to come join us! We’re here every week, in over 40 locations around the country, totally free and super friendly (we promise!). Reach out to your local event team on Facebook, Instagram, or email, get your barcode at and bring a friend for arguably one of the best Saturday mornings you can imagine.


courthouse lake parkrun


The chalk art at the finish line of Courthouse Lake parkrun says it all: FUN starts here!


kensington parkrun 1


Out-and-back courses are great because you get to cheer everyone else on as you pass them… But DOUBLE out-and-back courses are even better because you get to cheer everyone else on twice! Plenty of opportunities for high-fives and “great-jobs” on Kensington parkrun’s course!


jamaica pond 2


This awesome group of parkrunners helped out as course marshals (AKA an epic cheer section) at Jamaica Pond parkrun last weekend!


peace valley parkrun


It’s that time of year at Peace Valley parkrun where you can’t figure out the weather just by looking at a photo… Hats and gloves? Tanks tops and shorts? Who knows!


danehy park 1


It was a beautiful, cloudless day at Danehy Park parkrun last weekend! And their signs say it all: parkrun is Every. Single. Saturday. We’re always here to give you a great Saturday morning!


lillie 1


Lillie parkrun celebrated an exciting milestone last weekend: co-event director Emma walked her 100th parkrun! And what better way to celebrate than having mom and dad volunteer for finish tokens and Run Director!


mansfield 1


Mansfield OH parkrun also celebrated a 100th milestone – congrats to Joyce (left) on earning that black milestone shirt!


canyon rim trail 1


Canyon Rim Trail parkrun had an awesome group of parkrunners help fill the volunteer positions last weekend! They also saw 20 finishers enjoying the fall weather.


rpn 1


Rec Plex North parkrun had 74 finishers on a beautiful sunny morning! 18 parkrunners volunteered and they welcomed 7 first timers. Exciting!

rct 1


Rock Creek Trail parkrun also welcomed a group of first timers, 24 to be exact! In a field of 45 finishers, that’s pretty cool. To everyone who joined us for the first time at parkrun last weekend: welcome to the family!


joe creason 1


Everything was normal at Joe Creason parkrun this past weekend, except for some of the wildlife who decided to come and check out what all the hype was about! They’ve also got some great fall colors starting to come through on the trees, and of course we’re absolutely loving it.


depot park 1


Depot Park parkrun had significantly better weather than last weekend (although the bar was set pretty low!) which meant it was the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with the course set up!

creekside 1


Bear with us, the fall colors will eventually give way to snowy landscapes, but for now we’re going to be obsessing over all of these trail photos! The fall colors at Creekside parkrun did not disappoint last weekend – beautiful! The parkrun photoraphers are doing an amazing job with these photos too, right?



deep run 1


Not too far from Creekside, Deep Run parkrun had some pretty impressive fall colors too. But what makes a parkrun photo even better? parkrunners in high-vis vests of course!


fletcher's cove 2


Fletcher’s Cove parkrun’s attendance was back up there again with 105 finishers! Remember their crazy parkrun two weeks ago with children visiting from a local school? They loved the concept of parkrun and many of them came back! Here’s regular parkrunner Georgia finishing her 6th parkrun with the Tail Walkers – almost at that j10 shirt!

sippo lake 1


The tailwalkers at Sippo Lake parkrun looked like they were having fun on a brisk morning!

heritage harbor 1


Heritage Harbor parkrun welcomed some tourists from Poland and Ireland last weekend in addition to their regular crew. Did you know that parkrun is in over 20 different countries? Check them out here.


jamaica pond 1


The photographer becomes the photograph! Jamaica Pond parkrun had over 100 photos last weekend of their parkrunday – and we enjoyed every single one of them.


bat 1


See you next week, from Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun!

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