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parkrun week in pictures 11/20/2021

mansfield 2

What a great Autumn weekend for parkrun usa! We had 42 events around the country with a total of 1,691 finishers! 406 spectacular parkrunners volunteered (!!!!!) with 271 people recording their first parkrun at one of our events. Whoa! Let’s take a look at this week’s pictures…


charleston 1


12 parkrunners volunteered at Charleston WV parkrun, (and one barkrunner too apparenrtly!). They also welcomed 31 finishers on a sunny morning – it definitely looks chilly, but that’s November for you!


college park 1


What’s better than tailwalking at your local parkrun on a beautiful trail through some trees? Not much! College Park parkrun had two parkrunners pick up the role of tailwalker last weekend in a field of 15 volunteers!


creekside 1


Creekside parkrun saw their biggest crowd since their launch, with 21 finishers! Event director Joyce W, the mastermind behind Creekside, got to finish the course for the first time – volunteering as tailwalker!


byxbee 1


A perfectly clear sky at Byxbee parkrun in California last weekend! It really does look like a beautiful course.


anacostia 1


Beautiful sunny skies at Anacostia parkrun last weekend – but like we said last week, all weather is perfect parkrun weather!




Danehy Park parkrun also had clear skies for Saturday morning!


canyon rim trail


Mother nature must be a parkrunner because come on, last weekend was just about as perfect as we could get! Canyon Rim Trail parkrun had 30 finishers on a beautiful morning and dazzled us yet again with their epic bridge view.


depot park 2


Add Depot Park parkrun to the list of sunny skied parkruns for last weekend because wow! It looks like summer! They had over 70 parkrunners with 57 finishers and 15 volunteers, what a great day.


peace valley 1


And while it’s been all about the clear blue skies this week, we can’t forget about the awesome fall colors going on right now! Peace Valley parkrun’s trail was as pretty as ever…


courthouse lake 1


It was event #10 at Courthouse Lake parkrun in Chaska, Minnesota last weekend! They also got the chance to celebrate a j10 milestone – junior parkrunner Raphael has been to every single Courthouse Lake event ever. That’s pretty impressive!


oecr 1


Nothing better than some post parkrun coffee on a chilly Saturday morning! Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation parkrun is literally in a national park, and their coffee spot is top notch. Have you heard about their turtles?




Perrigo parkrun saw their third highest attendance ever, with 80 finishers and 10 volunteers last weekend! They may not start at their famous red barn for the time being, but it’s still a beautiful course.


lillie 2


Lillie parkrun celebrated their 100th event last weekend and all wore black to celebrated! Here are the Lillie parkrun 100 clubbers. (Minus one 100 shirt that is stuck somewhere in customs…)


renton 1


We love seeing all the parkrunners in high vis vests around the country – thanks to everyone who volunteered, we couldn’t do it without you! Renton parkrun in Redmond, Washington had 8 volunteers!


depot park 1


Remember 2 weeks ago when Depot Park parkrunner Rebecca reached the exciting v25 milestone in horrendously rainy weather? Well, we got to see that milestone shirt in action last weekend in all its purple glory! Congrats, and that’s for volunteering!!


fletcherw cove 1


That feeling when you finish another parkrun!! Fletcher’s Cove parkrun hosted 85 finishers on a beautiful (and chilly!) morning.


joe creason 1


Event #115 at Joe Creason parkrun saw 18 parkrunners (including 5 volunteers!) on… you guessed it… a beautiful sunny morning!


bat 1


This awesome group of hi-vis heros at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun contributed to the 406 parkrunners that volunteered around the country last week! Have you volunteered recently? How close are you to your next volunteer milestone?


kensington 1


And they’re off! At Kensington parkrun in Maryland, they welcomed a group of boys from Flora Singer elementary school with 63 finishers and 13 spectacular volunteers. Rumor has it they had donuts, jealous!!


livonia 1


Event 417 at Livonia saw 50 finishers and 19 volunteers! Volunteer extraordinaire Tim was celebrating his birthday, and what better way to do that than with a parkrun??


mansfield 1


It was a weekend for birthdays in the Midwest, with Mansfield OH parkrun run director Janie celebrating in style as well! Happy birthday everyone!!


roosevelt 1


Roosevelt Island parkrun may still be mostly green, but we see some fall colors coming through!


sippo lake 1


The best parkrun photo-op: in front of the the parkrun flag, of course! Sippo Lake parkrunners knew how to do it right last weekend.


tcg 1


The family that tailwalks together stays together! Shoutout to the Snyder family at Third Creek Greenway parkrun!


wip 1


Us folks in the north are jealous of the tank top weather that some parkruns have, including Weedon Island Preserve parkrun! Enjoy the warm weather!


lillie 1


Lillie parkrun regulars Emily and Avi were so excited to show their daughter Dafna, who was visiting from Israel, this crazy thing called parkrun that they do every week! On a week filled with family home for the holidays, parkrun is the perfect bonding opportunity.


It’s a double week for parkrun USA with another special parkrunday on Thanksgiving – stay tuned for a recap on turkey day festivities coming later this week!! Find your closest turkey day parkrun HERE!


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