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parkrun week in pictures: 11 december


While the weather caused a few cancellations around the country, we still had 1,431 finishers across 41 events. Our high-vis vests were filled by 379 parkrunners who volunteered last weekend and we welcomed 178 first timers. Awesome! You know the drill by now, let’s take a look at the photos.


anacostia 1


What a great starting line group at Anacostia parkrun in Washington DC. They had 22 finishers and 9 volunteers, what an awesome way to start the weekend.


jamaica pond 1


Beautiful day for a 5k at Jamaica Pond parkrun. The trees may not have leaves anymore in Boston, but pretty soon we’ll be able to compare snow around the country instead of fall colors (and we know, we’ve been anticipating the snow for what seems like ages now, Mother nature took us a bit too literally and dumped a foot of snow on our parkrun friends in Minnesota, but hopefully next week we’ll have some winter wonderland parkruns to share).


college park 1


There’s nothing better than a Saturday morning at parkrun. Just ask these smiling College Park parkrunners.


bat 1


High-vis heroes at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun ready for the day. Thanks to everyone who helped out last weekend.


heritage harbor 1


We love the variety of parkrun attire at Heritage Harbor parkrun in Illinois last week. It’s the month of gift-giving, which parkrun shirt are you hoping to get?


joe creason 1


Joe Creason parkrunners showing off one of the newly added milestone shirts. You can get one of these fancy purple tech shirts after finishing 25 parkruns.


lillie 2


When you see mom out on the course, impromptu hugs are a necessity. Lillie parkrun is a 3 lap course, which means if you stand at just the right spot, you get to cheer everyone on multiple times.


kensington 1


And off they go at Kensington parkrun. It was a beautiful morning in the DC area, and Kensington saw 48 finishers and 12 volunteers, including a v50 milestone celebration.


charleston wv 1


Charleston WV parkrun is an out and back along the river, the perfect recipe for cheering on your fellow parkrunners as you pass.


depot park 1


Shoutout to part of the volunteer crew at Depot Park parkrun in Gainesville, Florida.


mansfield 1


Mansfield OH parkrun was lucky with the weather, the rain stopped just in time for parkrun, and held off until they were leaving for coffee. Now, that, is perfect parkrun weather.


htlp 1


It was a cold one in Madison, Wisconsin but the Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrunners knew how to bundle up. And hey, the high-vis vest is just an added layer against the cold.


bear creek 1


When we think of Texas, we usually think warm, but that wasn’t necessarily the case last weekend at Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun in Keller, Texas. They welcomed 40 finishers and 5 volunteers, and it certainly looks kind of chilly.


creekside 1


This photo from Creekside parkrun makes us think of that Spiderman meme, “When you see another parkrunner in the wild!”


rec plex north 1


Volunteering at parkrun is so easy, the whole family can do it. This awesome group helped out at Rec Plex North parkrun last weekend, and we can tell by their smiles that it was a wonderful time. With the chilly temperatures that some other events saw, we’re definitely envious of the short sleeves down in Florida.


peace valley 1


It was a foggy start to Peace Valley parkrun last weekend in Pennsylvania, but it warmed up as they went. We love the pre-parkrun selfie showing off the field.


sippo lake 1


Sippo Lake parkrun showing off one of their v50 milestone shirts. So cool! How close are you to your next parkrun milestone?


charleston wv 2


We’re starting to see some holiday cheer out on the courses already, just like here at Charleston WV parkrun, only 2 more weeks until we get to parkrun on Christmas Day.


livonia 1


Livonia parkrun is also getting ready for the holidays, we saw some Christmas lights out on the course. Not long now!


allerpark 1


Now this is a little bit further from home than usual, but last weekend saw the start of Allerpark parkrun in Wolfsburg, Germany. What does this have to do with parkrun USA, you ask? Everything! Regular Fletcher’s Cove parkrunner, Kai, recently relocated to Germany, and helped start a new event there. They had a wildly successful inaugural run and as Kai put it, “Actually, you guys made all these 71 runners happy today, because if I hadn’t met you [Fletcher's Cove], there would be no parkrun in Wolfsburg, so thank you all.” Welcome to the international parkrun family, Allerpark parkrun. 


danehy park 1


It was a wet and rainy parkrunday at Danehy Park parkrun last weekend in Massachusetts, good thing they run on a paved path.


dmc 1


3,000 miles away and the weather was pretty similar to Danehy Park parkrun, Des Moines Creek parkrun was a bit damp (not unusual for the pacific northwest) but we still saw smiles. Hey, some people prefer the rain to the warmth.


lillie 1


After a week of rain in Michigan, Lillie parkrun’s gravel path wasn’t as lucky as Danehy Park’s paved one. Some parkrunners (read: barkrunners) forged fearlessly through the mud, while others took a more indirect route along the edge.


oecr 1


Which way is parkrun? That way! The course marshals at Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation parkrun were on their A-game last weekend. Thanks to everyone who volunteered.


canyon rim trail 1


See you next week, from Canyon Rim Trail parkrun.

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