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parkrun week in pictures – Christmas 2021

lillie 2


Happy Holidays parkrunners! We had a small but mighty group of 23 events go forward on Christmas Day for a total of 714 finishers. 218 parkrunners spent their Christmas mornings volunteering and 114 brave souls chose to do a parkrun for the first time. We won’t keep you waiting any longer because we bet there are some epic costumes from the weekend, let’s take a look at the pictures…


college park 1


The perfect holiday gift? Getting to do parkrun with your kids, especially when it’s their first time. Based on those smiles, we expect there’ll be many more family parkruns for this group at College Park parkrun.


livonia 1


A festive run briefing at Livonia parkrun! The two Michigan parkruns were lucky last weekend – all week the forecast said rain all day Saturday… But after a night of rain, the skies cleared for a few hours on Saturday morning for a perfect parkrunday, waiting until the afternoon to resume the rain. A Christmas miracle!


mansfield 1


Down in Ohio, they weren’t quite as lucky with the weather – it was certainly a rainy parkrunday, but we still spy some (maybe?) holiday costumes under those umbrellas. Mansfield OH parkrun saw 16 finishers despite the weather, and it was a fun morning for all.


bear creek 1


A tank top on Christmas?? That’s Texas for you! Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun in Keller, Texas saw 16 finishers and 5 volunteers on a merry morning.


fletchers cove 2


Looking to get involved with volunteering at parkrun but don’t know where to start? Reach out to your local event team! Some events have ways to sign yourself up – just like this white board at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun. Volunteering is super easy, and so is signing up.


htlp 1


Howard Temin Lakeshore Path parkrun saw 18 finishers – and some pretty cute holiday costumes as well! A santa hat with your university’s logo on it? Awesome.


jamaica pond 2


It was a cold and rainy morning at Jamaica Pond parkrun in Boston, MA… But we still saw some fun holiday hats – and hey, we say it every week, any weather is perfect parkrun weather!


collgge park 2


We saw some pretty cool hats around the country, including these fancy ones at College Park parkrun! Did you dress up for the holiday parkrun? If not, it’s okay, go big for New Year’s Day!


heritage harbor 1


Herita Harbor parkrun in Ottawa, Illinois got the holiday hat memo! Lovely day for a parkrun.


roosevelt island 1


Roosevelt Island parkrun celebrated their 200th event last weekend, and of course had to mark the occasion with balloons! Congrats on an impressive accomplishment, Roosevelt Island… Here’s to 200 more!


kensington 1


A festive group of parkrunners in their high-vis vests at Kensington parkrun – with a special appearance from Santa himself as run director!


fletchers cove 3


Some South Boulder Creek parkrunners getting a bit of tourism in at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun. They were in town visiting family, and were lucky enough that DC is buzzing with parkruns – plenty of options to choose from.


delaware and raritan 1


At Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun, they had much more to celebrate than just the holiday – Rory earned his v250 milestone shirt, commemorating the day by volunteering as run director. That’s over 5 years of volunteering at parkrun. In fact, he’s been volunteering regularly since his parkrun days in England in 2012 – so impressive!


leakin park 1


Leakin Park parkrun may not have leaves on their trees anymore, but it’s still a great view along the trail. Even better with some holiday sweaters!


depot park 1


Matching pajamas at parkrun? Yes please! These Depot Park parkrunners knew how to get their Saturday morning 5k done with style… We love it.


perrigo 2


Sometimes you just need a lift at parkrun… On Santa’s shoulders? Quite a few awesome costumes at Perrigo parkrun last weekend, we were not disappointed.


fletchers cove 1


There were a few milestone shirts spotted along the trail at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun!


lillie 1


At Lillie parkrun in Ann Arbor, Michigan – JJ reached his v25 milestone (after unofficially helping out almost every week since they started). He celebrated by finishing in 25:00 on the 25th of the month. So we’re calling it a triple 25!


charleston wv 1


It was a festive morning at Charleston WV parkrun – good thing one of the first milestones you can reach is a red shirt, perfect addition for a Christmas outfit! You know what else goes great with a parkrun costume? A high-vis volunteer vest of course!


jamaica pond 1


This may have been the last parkrunday of 2021, but don’t worry! 2022 starts on a Saturday, which is (in our totally unbiased opinion) the perfect way to kick off the new year. Check with your local event to make sure they’ll be up and running, and we’ll see you on New Year’s Day!

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