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parkrun week in pictures: 1 January

creekside 1


Happy New Year! On the first day of 2022, 31 events celebrated the new year with 1,107 finishers. We welcomed 225 first timers (what a great way to start 2022) and 302 parkrunners helped make everything possible by volunteering. It was a rainy one across most of the country, so grab your umbrellas and let’s take a look at the pictures:


bat 1


Rain jackets were a necessity at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun, but we see some shorts so the weather was still warm. A surprisingly warm (and wet) weekend on the east coast led to a dumping of snow on Sunday/Monday. Now that’s more like it!


bcg 1


We’re loving the bright colors at the start line of Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun last weekend. The skies may look like rain, but that didn’t stop 27 finishers and 6 volunteers from starting 2022 with a bang.


charleston wv 1


The fog was so thick at Charleston WV parkrun that you could barely see the river. They also had the same rainy weather as most of the rest of parkrun USA, but it does look quite cool along the path.


college park 1


The weather at College Park parkrun was, you guessed it, rainy! Their superb volunteer crew was grateful for a tent to stand under. But we say it every week: every weather is perfect parkrun weather, even if you get a little wet.


creekside 2


Love the milestone shirts at Creekside parkrun. 39 finishers enjoyed the weather that surely belonged in summer, a big difference to the rest of the country. What’s your favorite parkrun shirt to wear on Saturdays?


delaware and raritan canal 1


Last week we saw Santa hats, and this week we saw New Year’s glasses. Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun got into the festive spirit and we love it, we’re always down for some fun parkrun costumes.


depot park 1


What’s the best outfit to wear to parkrun? High vis vests of course! Shoutout to all of the parkrunners who filled the volunteer roles this weekend, what a perfect way to start the year. @ Depot Park parkrun


fletchers cove 1


This is your weekly reminder to sign up to volunteer. It’s super easy, literally anyone can do it. Reach out to your home parkrun to see how to get involved, they might even have a fancy volunteer whiteboard like Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.


jamaica pond 1


So many 2s for 2022 at Jamaica Pond parkrun. Do you have any parkrun-related goals for the year? Anything is possible!


kensington 1


Despite the rain at Kensington parkrun they still had 32 finishers, just one fewer than Christmas Day. They celebrated a handful of milestones and look at it this way, it’s a nice wash for your shoes!


leakin park


Leakin Park parkrun also got the “volunteer tent” memo last weekend, keeping their parkrunners nice and dry while they helped out. We seriously can’t say this enough, we appreciate every single one of you.


lillie 1


Lillie parkrun in Ann Arbor, MI has been plagued with rain for the last few weeks, but they were shockingly dry on New Year’s Day. They had 65 finishers, including 19 first timers, 14 of whom had never done a parkrun before. The beginning of the year is always a great time to start new habits, including parkrunning.


livonia 1


Livonia parkrun, also in Michigan, was grateful for the change of pace in terms of weather. A great day for parkrun.


mansfield 1


Mansfield OH parkrun didn’t have a tent, but they did have lots of umbrellas to keep their parkrunners dry.


perrigo 1


Perrigo parkrun looked oh so picturesque in the snow! What a beautiful setting for parkrun.


roosevelt island 1


Forget tents and hand held umbrellas, attach one to your chair and you have the perfect timekeeping set up. Roosevelt Island parkrun also saw rain, but that didn’t stop the genius ideas from making parkrun possible.


sippo lake 1


Sippo Lake parkrun also had new years glasses and added new years pajama pants. There’s always a way to make a rainy parkrunday festive.


weedon island 1


See you next week, from Weedon Island Preserve parkrun.

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