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parkrun week in pictures: 8 January

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Brr! It was a chilly one across the country last weekend, leading to a few cancellations due to weather and course conditions. 32 parkruns were able to host an event on Saturday for a total of 982 finishers. Volunteer roles were filled by 309 hardy parkrunners who didn’t mind a little bit of cold, and 135 parkrunners held the title of ‘First Timer’. The cold weather did bring us one good thing: snow! Let’s take a look at the pictures:


anacostia 1


Anacostia parkrun in DC was lucky enough to have a clear course after snow and freeze-thaw temperatures throughout the week and got to enjoy perfectly blue skies on parkrun morning. 30 finishers spent their Saturday morning out on the trail and 8 volunteers helped make it possible. Way to go!


drc 1


A chilly pre-parkrun selfie at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun from last weekend. It was certainly cold, but we do spy a t-shirt (and shorts) back there.  parkrunners are made of tough stuff.


bear creek greenbelt 1


It was even slightly chilly down in Texas, with sweatshirts and gloves making an appearance at Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun. We did see some tank tops and shorts out on the course so it wasn’t ‘too’ cold, but still fit the chilly vibe of the country.


roosevelt island 1


Roosevelt Island parkrun had a chilly morning with everyone bundled up, even the barkrunners. With other parkruns closing nearby, they hosted a few displaced DC parkrunners from College Park, Baltimore and Annapolis Trail, and Kensington parkrun for a loop around the park. Those high vis volunteer vests gave an extra layer of warmth, perfect reason to volunteer at your local parkrun.


mansfield 1


It was a parkrunday for cute jackets, especially on the barkrunners. This cutie enjoyed the trail at Mansfield OH parkrun, giving a great doggo smile to the camera. Bring your four legged friends to parkrun, they’re sure to have fun.


dmc 1


For the first time in what seems like ages, it wasn’t raining at Des Moines Creek parkrun in Des Moines, Washington, and everyone was thrilled. This awesome tailwalking crew brought up the rear of 41 finishers last weekend, with smiles all around.


courthouse lake 1


They’re no strangers to cold in Minnesota. After having to cancel last week due to extreme wind chill temps, Courthouse Lake parkrun was back at it this week for their first parkrun of 2022. Their volunteers were well bundled up for a beautiful parkrun morning.


livonia 1


Livonia parkrunners were sure enjoying the warmth of the sun on a brisk, chilly morning. Just as that hat says, BRRR!


depot park 1


All thumbs up from Depot Park parkrun last weekend. For yet another week they successfully had all of their finish tokens returned. As exciting as they look, finish tokens aren’t a souvenir to take home, events need them back every week. But hey, that just means you have to come back next week too and get another one, right?


fletchers 1


Fletcher’s Cove parkrun in Washington DC celebrated their 6th anniversary this past weekend, 6 whole years of parkrunning. A v100 milestone shirt made an appearance. Awesome!


renton 1


A great warm morning at Renton parkrun with a wide array of outfits, perfect for our favorite game of ‘wait, what’s the weather?’ Tank tops and shorts, winter jackets and hats. We can guarantee one thing: it’s perfect parkrunning weather.


leakin park


A beautiful snowy trail at Leakin Park parkrun last weekend. It was cold enough that there were no clouds, giving a beautiful clear sky and bright sun. Perfect parkrunning weather? We say yes!


lillie 1


One of our favorite stories from the week, Roosevelt Island parkrunner Elizabeth S achieved something that nobody else has ever done, she has completed 50 different parkrun USA locations, giving her a full set of American events. This past weekend she drove to Lillie parkrun in Ann Arbor, MI with her kids Timo and Katherine to check off the last parkrun on her list. She started back in January of 2019 when a government shutdown caused Roosevelt Island to pause for a few weeks, leading Elizabeth to try out the different DC parkruns. Before she knew it, she was parkrun touristing every other weekend, and then almost every weekend to keep up with the new events starting as parkrun USA just kept growing. She’ll hold the title for exactly one week until the new Spindle Tree parkrun starts up next weekend – hopefully we’ll see Elizabeth in Texas soon!

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