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parkrun week in pictures: 15 January

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Another Saturday means another parkrunday. We saw 38 events for a total of 1,141 finishers on a brisk and slightly snowy morning. 346 top-notch parkrunners helped out by volunteering and we welcomed 163 first timers to a new event. Speaking of new events, we also welcomed Spindle Tree parkrun to our growing family. Let’s take a look at the pictures.


bat 1


A chilly but bright morning at Baltimore and Annapolis parkrun. We love seeing those high vis vests. We had 346 parkrunners volunteer last weekend, which is our highest number yet this year.


livonia 2


Dressing up with your pal in matching outfits for parkrun? Yes please! Loved these bright ensembles seen at Livonia parkrun last weekend, adds a little something extra to the chilly morning.


joe creason 1


The process of putting up the parkrun flag in the wind was certainly an adventure! Joe Creason parkrun saw 16 finishers and 6 volunteers.


mansfield 1


Mansfield OH parkrun celebrated their 5th birthday this past weekend, so of course decorations were necessary. Love the party hats and noisemakers, especially on the barkrunner.


renton 1


Best place for a photo-op at parkrun? We definitely think the parkrun flag is the way to go. And so do these Renton parkrunners. Take that picture, share it with your friends, and bring them along next week.


charleston 1


We say it every week, but high vis vests are the best accessories at parkrun. You get to help out at your favorite 5k event, you get to take cute photos looking like a boss, and you get to match all your friends! It’s a win-win-win situation if you ask us.


creekside 1


When your jacket matches your hat which matches your gloves which matches your shoes, you know it’s going to be a great parkrun day. This color coordinated duo were seen at Creekside parkrun this past weekend along with 20 other finishers and 9 superstar volunteers.


anacostia 1


Nothing better than giving a cheer as fellow parkrunners pass you. Anacostia parkrun saw 22 finishers and 11 volunteers on a chilly January morning.


leakin park


It was COLD at Leakin Park parkrun, but they had a fire pit (and high vis vests!) to keep them warm. Adventurous parkruns are always the ones with the best memories.


roosevelet island 1


Yell if you love parkrun as much as this barkrunner does. Roosevelt Island parkrun always has plenty of adorable barkrunners, your four legged friends will have just as much fun as you.


canyon rim 1


Canyon Rim Trail parkrun was back in action after having to cancel last time for snow and ice on the trail. If this corgi’s cute little legs can do it, so can yours!


bear creek greenbelt 1


It was another week of chilly wind at Bear Creek Greenbelt parkrun in Keller, TX but they persevered and were smiling while they did it. Texas gained a new parkrun this weekend, read on to find more…


spindle tree 1


We welcomed Spindle Tree parkrun to our parkrun USA family last weekend. The newest event to join our ranks, Spindle Tree is located in Magnolia, TX and had 14 finishers and 6 volunteers on their first ever parkrunday. Can’t wait to see what other events we add this year.


byxbee 1


Hands up if you love parkrun! The lone parkrun in California, Byxbee parkrun saw 45 finishers and 8 volunteers last weekend. They also celebrated a 25 milestone and that parkrunner ended up finishing 25th. It’s cool when things work out that way. Take a look at when your next milestone is, we’d love to celebrate.


charleston 2


Up the hill they go at Charleston WV parkrun. While they do start AND end on a mini hill, the rest of the course is totally flat, so don’t let this fool you!


lillie 1


Lillie parkrun celebrated a super exciting triple v50 milestone from three of their regular volunteers (and Charlie the barkrunner, who doesn’t officially get a shirt but has definitely been there for most, if not all, of those volunteer occasions!)


colelge park 1


Ensuring that there’s a safe course for Saturday morning is a top priority of event teams, and College Park parkrun took this very seriously. After having to cancel due to trail conditions last weekend, volunteers hit the trails mid-week to help clear the slush and ice off of the bridges to ensure that the surface was completely safe. Going above and beyond, we love to see it.


depot park 1


It was a chilly 37 degrees Fahrenheit at Depot Park parkrun down in Florida, which certainly is cold for them. It was still a beautiful day for parkrun and again, smiles all around!


college park 2


Their trail clearing efforts were definitely worth it. College Park parkrun welcomed 112 finishers on a chilly Saturday morning. Extra course modifications meant that their single out-and-back became a double out-and-back, aka even more opportunities to cheer each other on!


dmc 1


It certainly looked damp at Des Moines Creek parkrun, but wasn’t raining as far as we can tell. Perfect parkrunning weather, of course.


livonia 1


“Sorry, dad, the cameraman is more interesting than the course!” @ Livonia parkrun


dletchers 1


Fletcher’s Cove parkrun volunteers staying warm on a chilly morning. Shoutout to everyone who helped out at the finish lines across the country, we wouldn’t be here without you all.


sippo lake 1


Sippo Lake parkrun doesn’t have snow anymore, but it certainly is cold. The trail was clear and great for a crisp parkrun morning, perfect day for parkrun.


weedon island 1


And lastly, we’ll leave you with this gorgeous sunrise from Weedon Island Preserve parkrun during course set up last weekend. See you next time!

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