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parkweek in pictures: 29 January

tcg 1

29 January saw our last parkrunday of the month, with winter out in full force along the east coast. We had 23 events around the country for a total of 704 finishers,  small, but mighty. 120 parkrunners still showed up to their first parkrun at an event and we had 225 amazing volunteers. Let’s take a look at the pictures:


byxbee 1


Byxbee parkrun is now the only parkrun in California, and they are thriving. Their 57th event last weekend saw a 69 finishers (their third highest ever) and 10 awesome volunteers. And they were even wearing shorts. We’re jealous!


canyon rim trail 1


Also out west, Canyon Rim Trail parkrun in Idaho was quite a different pictures from Byxbee. It was cold! But the snow in the canyon was gorgeous and they had 11 finishers and 4 volunteers. A perfect parkrunday if you ask us.


courthouse lake 1


After a few weeks of bad weather earlier this year, Courthouse Lake parkrun in Minnesota is no stranger to snow. Luckily their course has been safe and accessible and they’ve been back in action. 11 finishers on a chilly January morning.


depot park 1


It was even chilly down in Florida! Depot Park parkrun started the frosty morning with temps hovering around freezing, which is COLD for them. These awesome volunteers bundled up and had a great parkrunday. Depot Park led the nation in their number of volunteers, with 20 high vis heroes. We love to see it.


dmc 1


Shoutout to the finish line volunteers at Des Moines Creek parkrun. It was a chilly, but dry, morning in the pacific northwest.


*dmc 2*


When’s your next milestone? Have you reached one recently? Did you order your milestone shirt? You can get one of these fancy tech shirts after 25 parkruns (either volunteering or finishing), and 50, 100, 250, 500. Take a look at your parkrun profile to see how close you are to your next milestone.


eagan 1


Eagan parkrun in Minnesota was finally back on their normal course after being rerouted due to all the snow they received earlier in the year. It was cold but sunny for a great parkrunday.


fletchers cove 1


The only parkrun in the path of last weekend’s nor’easter safe enough to go forward was Fletcher’s Cove parkrun. They celebrated their 250th event with some fun milestone shirt math and 41 finishers. Congrats on a major event milestone.


heritage harbor 1


It was a beautiful sunny morning at Heritage Harbor parkrun in Illinois. Their path around the harbor was snow covered and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen. Perfect parkrun weather.


lillie 1


It was COLD at Lillie parkrun in Ann Arbor, Michigan last weekend, but 29 finishers took to the park for their 6-loop winter course. We’re 99% positive everyone is grinning from ear to ear under those face coverings.


livonia 1


Starting and finishing on a snow covered field is all fun and games until you drop a token. Thanks to the hard work of the Livonia parkrunners, they recovered the escaped token and all was well in parkrunland.


rct 1


Sometimes the tailwalker needs supervision by an actual walker with a tail. Not to fear, at Rock Creek Trail parkrun this tiny but mighty barkrunner was up to the challenge.


wip 1


P is for parkrun. And, pirates! There were some funky costumes at Weedon Island Preserve parkrun last weekend – looking great there mateys!


tcg 1


See you next week, from Third Creek Greenway parkrun.

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