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parkrun week in pictures: 5 February

joe creason 1

Another wintery weekend for parkrun USA. Despite some more cancellations for snow and ice, we had 34 events with a total of 997 finishers. We welcomed 130 first timers and in total 312 volunteers organised, cheered and supported everyone attending. Let’s take a look at the pictures:


anacostia 1


It was beautiful and bright and sunny along the mighty Anacostia last weekend. Anacostia parkrun had a great turnout and got to celebrate a new 50 milestone. Perfect day for it.


drc 1


A chilly pre-run selfie by the Run Director at Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun in New Jersey last weekend. So many layers! So many parkrunners!


sippo lake 1


So much snow out on the Sippo Lake parkrun course. It was a beautiful winter wonderland last weekend, but hopefully not too cold.


weedon island preserve 1


Raise your arms if you love parkrun! Weedon Island Preserve parkrun had great weather for their parkrun morning (of course) and welcomed 32 finishers and 12 volunteers. Love to see it.


canyon rim trail


We’re loving these colorful cones along the course at Canyon Rim Trail parkrun in Twin Falls Idaho.


dmc 1


Despite the “run” in parkrun, we’re here for way more than just fast runners. Doing a parkrun is more than just running, it’s all about enjoying your Saturday morning in the great outdoors in whatever way works for you. Volunteering, walking, cheering, running, jogging, and everything in between. Just like these parkrunners at Des Moines Creek parkrun, getting out there for a 5k with some friends and have fun with it.


college park 1


College Park parkrun was back on their winter course, a double out and back along their tree-lined trail. Best part about a course like this is that there are endless opportunities to cheer each other on!


fletchers 1


Our favorite thing about this photo has got to be the shadow of the photographer, doing their best to get the perfect finish line photo angle. Fletcher’s Cove parkrun doesn’t have snow anymore, but it sure did look chilly last weekend.


joe creason 1


A colorful and happy bunch at Joe Creason parkrun for their 125th event. They welcomed a parkrunner from Michigan, whose local event was cancelled due to ice. Perfect opportunity to visit a new parkrun.


rct 1


Just two of the 312 volunteers we saw around the country last weekend, tail walking at Rock Creek Trail parkrun, helping make parkrunday as special as always.


creekside 1


After having to cancel for two weeks in a row due to unsafe course conditions (seriously, this winter is brutal on parkrun), Creekside parkrun finally got to celebrate tutu day. This stylish duo was color coordinated all the way down to the gloves. And this got us thinking, what if we just wore tutus all the time? At every single parkrun? Now THAT would be fun.


sbc 1


A snowy morning out in Colrado for South Boulder Creek parkrun. After having to cancel a few weeks ago due to damage from the fires, they’re back in action and happy to be there.


roosevelt island 1


So many barkrunners out on the courses last weekend. Especially this lucky four-legged friend at Roosevelt Island parkrun taking advantage of all the parkrunner love. This is how happy we feel every week at parkrun, so much joy!


kensington 1


Want to try out volunteering but don’t know where to start? Why not give tail walking a try. It’s just like completing a normal parkrun, but your whole job is to be last and make sure everyone else gets around the course safely, and that nobody gets left behind. You also get to wear a super cute high-vis volunteer vest like these tail walkers at Kensington parkrun. How can you say no to that?


livonia 1


Like we said earlier, tutus are welcome at any and all parkruns, not just on the 22nd. Loving these outfits at Livonia parkrun from last weekend, totally fits the “buried in snow” vibe of Michigan after that storm.


livonia 2


Speaking of weather in Michigan, Lillie parkrun had to cancel due to unsafe course conditions, but luckily Livonia parkrun is just up the road. A handful of parkrunners made the quick journey to walk, jog, run or volunteer and even celebrate a 100 milestone.


perrigo 1


Perrigo parkrun had their biggest attendance of the year so far. Awesome! It looked like beautiful weather for parkrun in the Pacific Northwest. But it wouldn’t be a week in pictures newsletter if we didn’t claim perfect parkrunning weather, right?


bat 1


See you next week, from Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun in Maryland.

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