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parkrun week in pictures: 12 February


Love was in the air for our pre-Valentine’s Day parkrunday last weekend. We had 1,677 finishers at 38 events around the country, that’s almost double the week before. It’s amazing what a little bit of good weather can do. We had a whopping 378 volunteers and 307 parkrunners went to an event for the first time. Now for the most important part, let’s take a look at the pictures:


tch 1


Third Creek Greenway parkrun never fails to impress with their chalk art, and this week was no different. Happy Valentine’s Day to all <3


roosevelt island 1


Volunteering at parkrun is so easy, you can do it on your phone. This barcode scanner at Roosevelt Island parkrun is using their phone for the Virtual Volunteer App, timekeeping and barcode scanning right in the palm of your hand. Give it a try!


fletcher's cove 1


Once you reach your 100 milestone, it’s another 150 parkrun finishes before your next one, that’s a long time. So, meantime, why not celebrate a DIY milestone? These two Fletcher’s Cove parkrunners were celebrating their 200th and 150th parkrun finishes, making a fun day of it.


leakin park 1


The course marshals at Leakin Park parkrun were happy to cheer everyone on as they passed. It’s a great way to spend your parkrun, helping make sure nobody gets lost, and encouraging them all to get to the finish.


joe creason 1


A great day for parkrun at Joe Creason parkrun in Louisville, Kentucky. Definitely a bit chilly, but the course was clear and it was dry. Perfect parkrun weather!


des moines creek 1


The sun was shining down on Des Moines Creek parkrun last weekend, and it was dry. After quite a long stretch of wet parkrundays in Seattle, the weather has not been disappointing lately.


rock creek trail 1


Rock Creek Trail parkrun was wearing red and pink for Valentine’s Day. They had absolutely beautiful weather for parkrunday, the sun was shining and everyone was smiling.


bat 1


Some cool milestone shirts spotted at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun last weekend!


charleston 1


Up the hill they go at Charleston WV parkrun. It’s not the biggest hill of our parkrun USA events, but when you start and finish up it, you can certainly feel it! But the out and back route along the river with the awesome view sure makes up for it.


creekside 1


Creekside parkrun also chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with pink and red, and they looked like they were having so much fun while doing it. If you didn’t wear your colors of love last weekend, don’t worry! A handful of events are celebrating Valentine’s Day this week as well, a great time to join in.


kensington 1


Spring was almost in the air at Kensington parkrun last weekend. DC had a warm snap and parkrunners were out in full force, ready to enjoy the perfect weather.


college park 1


Raise your hands if you love parkrun! College Park parkrun had the same spring weather as Kensington parkrun and they welcomed over 200 finishers. They were back on their normal course after a few weeks of winter weather, and it was a spectacular day all around filled with milestones, great photos, and a perfect morning with friends.


canyon rim trail


The canyon at Canyon Rim Trail parkrun was breathtaking as usual. Can you imagine getting to parkrun next to that every week?


mansfield 1


So many high-vis vests at Mansfield OH parkrun. A big cheer for our volunteers!


sbc 1


Nothing better than a snowy backdrop for parkrunday in your apricot shirt. Oh, but earning your 50th milestone on top of all that is pretty neat too. South Boulder Creek parkrun in Colorado was a beautiful winter wonderland on Saturday morning.


wip 1


What a beautiful sunrise before Weedon Island Preserve parkrun down in Florida last weekend. They welcome a tourist wearing an elusive blue 500 shirt. Wow! The most parkruns a USA-based parkrunner has done is still in the 300′s, we’ve got a way to go before we get our own homegrown 500.

See you next week.

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