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parkrun week in pictures: 26 February

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The last parkrun of February brought ‘almost’ spring weather! Phil may have said it’s going to be a long winter, but it sure doesn’t feel like it when we’ve got parkrun every Saturday. We had 1,348 finishers across 38 events, which is pretty great considering we had quite a few ice-related cancellations. We had 346 volunteers and 186 people were first timers at a new event. Now, without further delay, time for pictures:


anacostia 1


All smiles out along the trail at Anacostia parkrun. The DC area had some epic warm weather a few weeks ago. It’s looking a little more like February now, but what do we always say? Every weather is perfect parkrunning weather! (It wouldn’t be a week in pictures blog if we didn’t mention it, getting this one of the way early).


canyon rim 1


The epic view at Canyon Rim Trail parkrun did not disappoint last weekend. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and it was only ‘slightly’ cold – what more could we ask for?


bat 1


It’s no secret that the best outfits for parkrun are the ones with high vis vests! There are so many ways to get involved with volunteering – before, after, or during parkrun, there are plenty of roles to fill so we’re confident at least one is the perfect fit for you. Shoutout to the volunteers at Baltimore and Annapolis Trail parkrun from last weekend!


college park 1


Nothing better than a volunteer crew selfie! College Park parkrun has had no trouble filling their volunteer roster lately, and their attendance has been booming. Especially as we move into spring weather in the DC area, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for them.


byxbee 1


It was beautiful and sunny at Byxbee parkrun last weekend. The California weather was doing its thing and those finish line photos look absolutely magical. We love the colorful flags of the finish funnel too.


courthouse lake 1


It was sunny and snowy at Courthouse Lake parkrun last weekend – average Minnesota weather for you. But as long as you’re bundled up enough, it’s a great morning for parkrun. We’re a family friendly event every weekend and as long as kiddos under 11 stick with their adult, it’s the perfect Saturday morning outing for everyone to enjoy.


kensington 1


They were celebrating Mardis Gras at Kensington parkrun last weekend, but it didn’t get in the way of volunteering. High vis vests definitely make parkrun better, and so do funky celebratory hats.


creekside 1


Volunteering can be as social or as antisocial as you want, depending on your role. You can chat it up with your friends as the finish line volunteers like these three high vis heroes at Creekside parkrun, or you can stick behind your camera taking photos, or marshaling out on the course to make sure nobody gets lost.


des moines creek 1


We’re so used to seeing rain in the photos from Des Moines Creek parkrun, but this week the weather was perfect (really, this time!) and it was beautiful and sunny. This is also the perfect time to mention that next week we will be celebrating International Women’s Day and encourage everyone to wear their favorite purple parkrunning outfits. Leggings, jackets, milestone shirts, gloves, hats, and everything in between – the more purple the better.


fletcher's cove 1


It was chilly but pretty along the water at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun. Similar to the rest of the DC area, a brief warm snap has been replaced by typical February weather, so hats and gloves were needed.


leakin park 1


The photographer becomes the photographed! Leakin Park parkrun’s tailwalker did some multitasking, helping take some photos as well. Especially for out and back courses, this works well to get pictures from all parts of the course.


joe creason 1


Raise your hands if you love parkrun! Beautiful weather for Joe Creason parkrun. Sunny parkrundays seems to be the theme for this week’s roundup, we’re certainly not complaining. We love the little doggo jacket too. Some of the guidance around dogs at parkrun is changing, so check that out here to make sure you and your four legged pal get the most out of your experience.


lillie 1


Lillie parkrun’s winter course is six laps around a portion of their park. But this past weekend, part of the loop wasn’t plowed! They improvised with a seven lap course, and learned it’s a lot harder to count to seven than six! Luckily they had some awesome finish line volunteers who were more than happy to cheer everyone on with the same enthusiasm on lap seven as they had on lap one.


livonia 1


Livonia parkrun celebrated an exciting milestone, with Steve D becoming the 10th American to join the 250 club. Congrats!


peace valley 1


Peace Valley parkrun always has some great pre-event photos and this week is no exception! A great group of parkrunners got together for a morning of volunteering and 5k-ing, the best way to start the weekend.


renton 1


Cones marking the course are great, but chalk art to mark the turnaround? Yes please! Renton parkrun managed to mark their course AND promote parkrun to other park-users, awesome.


rock creek trail 1


Have you tail walked before? Warning: it WILL cause intense happiness and uncontrollable smiling! Shoutout to these super tailwalkers at Rock Creek Trail parkrun last week.


roosevelt island 1


Roosevelt Island parkrun celebrated a double milestone last weekend, Eden reached 100 finishes AND 100 volunteer occasions on the same day, how cool! She celebrated with Foxy the barkrunner (who has been at most, if not all, of those parkrundays too).




Happy fourth birthday to South Boulder Creek parkrun in Boulder, Colorado. Perfectly clear skies for a perfectly perfect parkrunday.   See you next week, for International Women’s Day parkrun.

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